luni, 5 noiembrie 2018

Is your winter wardrobe complete?

Did you know that 8 out of 10 women, preffer online shopping and consider this activity as being a bit addictive? Being in the era of technology it is not that hard to believe that a very big number of people have switched online and have started to create a routine that it is evolving around the internet virtual life. Being online is essential but as many other things, it has it's ups and downs. For example, many online merchandisers take advantage of people by taking false pictures from big brands and with them theu fool the customers. If you have spent a lot of time online then you must know by now how to make difference between a very low trustworthy website and one that is 100% safe for purchases. It takes a while to find out which ones are ok and which ones not but remember that reviews can help you a lot! Most prone to fake merchandise shopping are those one who look up for top designer clothes and fashion items! This is why I preffer going into the main shop rather then buying it online! I keep for online shopping just the items that I can not find everywhere and with very interesting designs such as cheap outwear because I do like to wear a different coat everyday. It is not in my habit to wear an item more than one season so you can guess how many items I have been collectiong over the years. Online browsing for boots black friday deals have made a lot of budget savings in my account! Lots of discounts and sales will be up in the following days considering that black friday it is rather a very big oportunity for websites to put at sale all the items that were either overdue or just out of the season. 

Winter wardrobe should have bits of everything in it! No women can have too many coats, jackets or shoes! That is why I am trying to fit as many styles as possible when buying online for autumn and winter season. Fashion clothing are not very easy to find, especialy the unique kind of items that nobody else can have it so I do suggest you go online first and check Luvyle if you have got time because you would be for sure impressed by those amazing coats that are just a few dollars! Do not forget about oversized jumpers andknitting wear that would go perfectly on the those days that feel like early autumn and your coat is too thinck for a wear. 

miercuri, 17 octombrie 2018

Searching for a new fashion style? Here is how you can get a new wardrobe!

I have not been always a stylish type of girl. To be honest, I am still a bit of a tomboy because high heels and dresses make me feel a bit unconfortable, but I have made wasier this year a promise to myself that I would try something new and stick with it. I do not usualy go into the clubs. I would rather stay in at home reading a book with a cup of tea, but my friends told me that my social life is almost in a critical phase so I gave it a change and I loved it! I love to dance and hand around with my closest friends but what made me feel like I was from another planet was my clothing. I just could not fit into the scene so I decided to refresh my wardrobe and it worked just fine! If you are like me in need of a new style or simply looking for cheap sexy dresses then here are a few things that you might find helpful!

1. Decide what style you want to adopt
If you are searching for a total change then you should be prepared to spend a lot of money my darling! Start by deciding what style you find most attractive and buy some key items that would make it easier for you to compose outfits. For example, a simple leather jacket can be addapted into various outfits and it is not that expensive nor to cheap! Aim though for a very good leather jacket!

2. Use apps to build up outfits
Have you ever used Polyvore? If not, then give it a try! There you can find lots of clothing items you can add to your list and compose random outfits. You can also get inspiration from other persons lists or use Pinterest as a source! Mobile phones app make it easy for you to keep track with your daily outfits if you do not want to wear the same thing over and over again. Plan your looks in advance!

3. Follow a fashion blogger's style
I know this might seem crazy, but you could replicate someone else's style if you like it! Most of the fashion bloggers give enough informations to their followers regarding the provenience of their items so check their posts and make a list of clothins and accessories you like. You might identify with one style and that makes it even simpler for you. For clubwear just ask them for adviced because I am sure that all of the fashion bloggers know were you can find wholesale dresses and other women apparel for cheap.

Best homecoming dress site online

When I was still in middle school I could not understand why high schools girls love so much to go the ball! Well, I had no ideea what a ball actualy meant, but I did know from my best friend's sister that it is a very big headache because you should be the most beautiful of them all!I thought that you probably need to be some kind of a modern Cinderella and a prince is waiting at the ball! Yeah, I was pretty silly but were we not all the same at that age? I was for sure a tomboy until my first year of highschool and my first homecoming ball! That was one experience I would never forget because that was the night I realised that if I dressed properly and act like a lady you can conquer the world! The homecoming ball is going to be one of the most important events at the beggining of the school year so stay with me to find out how I have dressed on my first homecoming and what you could wear to impress your collegues!

I still remember my first dress that I wore at the homecoming ball and I still keep it in a special box because I have lots of beautiful memories about it! It was made out of white tulle with just a sheen layer of pink emroided roses that had attached on the petals tiny beads and sewuis that sparkled in the lights. I just wanted something simple that would make me feel like a million dollar baby and it did so much more! It was as if it was made out of pure joy and it worked perfect with my new feminine style that I have later adopted that summer. Long sleeve homecoming dresses should be on top of your list if you do not want to wear a dress that exposes to much of your skin or shoulders. Just in case, you can add a little bolero or fur coat on top to keep you warm of the chilly night when you all are going to watch the fireworks. If you do not  like or simply not find the long sleeved dresses to be your style, then you should look around on the website and browse for chic homecoming dresses that come in shorther lenghts or even asymetrical. Remember that you are alowed to sparkle so do not feel embarased about having a dress that is made full out of sequins or beadings! 

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I would be tempted to say the diamonds are a girls best riend but to be honest, they do not keep you warm! What a girl truly needs? Well, as you may guess, it is a new pair of boots! Yes darlings, today we are speaking and viewing of course, new fashion trends and chunky heel boots that are this season's star! I could not wait longer and just got mine last week, and to be honest, the weather actualy gave me a heads up so I can wear them! It has been raining like crazy the past days here in the UK and I can not say that I enjoy it but knowing that my boots keep me warm and safe from rain, I feel much more better! I do not knhow what trends are working now but I do know that I really like a pair of boots that make your outfit look classy and modern at the same time! I do enjoy way too much nude shades and suede leather! The combination works amazing with a mini skirt but unfortunately this is not an outfit you can wear to the office, unless you have got some trick under your sleeve to make the outfit look a bit more professional... 

But now comes the question: what type of boots can I wear to work and which ones should I keep for the club? Well, there are a few pair of black chunky heel boots that would work amazing with your suit! As specified a bit early, a pair either in black suede or a nude shade would definately add a bit of a vintage charm to your outfit. Electric blue is indeed a very bold choice and you can wear them at work only if your boss agrees with your fashion choices otherwise you could only opt for them with a more different type of outfits.  Either way, chunky heel are the best choice for autumn outfits! The needle heel is out of fashion for a while now and I strongly dissagree with wearing them! They are very unconfortable and do not look nice at all. Chunky heels adapt very easily to pretty much all types of outfits and the very big range of designs allows women to change them as pleased to make everyday a new statement of fashion. The following pair of boots that I have chosen for you to browse come from FSJ Shoes, a company that has practicaly taken over the internet with their cheap prices and latest trends. If you are not familiar with the website then you can have a look on your own and figure it out yourself to see what suits you best. I do advise that you expand your shopping area and buy online items because this will keep you on making savings for the future! Online shopping for boots has definately it's advantages right?

Back to lace - a wedding dress never to forget

MillyBridal Wedding Dresses

After being broadcasted around the world and having milions of viewers, the royal wedding has been an inspiration for most of the young couples, especially for the brides to be. The dress that Meghan wore was a truly piece of art and women just want to make sure they will look as royal as possible though they can not affort a top designers wedding dress so in orde to achieve the impossible we have all gathered here to find the most suitable and popular dresses from MillyBridal UK that could make any bride look astonishing and royal on such a special day without having to pay much! They keyword for a royal look is simplicity and decency. If you want something elegant but still modern and eye catchy then you should opt for lace wedding dresses. Lace is one fabric that would never grow old and it is actualy on top preferences of all designers for being a very special piece of style that makes each dress unique and special. Never go for a strapless dress if you are aiming for a look deign for a queen! Princesses would have to always wear a dress that shows the minimum but if you want to be a bit different then a backless wedding dresses would do just fine as long as you do not exagerate with any other accessories or make up. Leave all the butterflies behind and take a chance with the delicate yet somptous lace! Here are a few wedding dresses that would make you feel like a princess every single time you would look at the wedding pictures to reminescence the day that you were the most beautiful woman in the world...