miercuri, 25 aprilie 2018

Are the wigs the best alternative for you hair problems? Yes!

Wind, rain, high temperature, wrong haircare products... You hair is struggling because of all of these factors but the list can still go on with a big range of damaging things for your hair. The wrong haircare routine combined with all these exterios factors are the main reasons why you are always having hair grow issues or usualy a bad hair day. Getting to know better the needs of your skin and you hair can be tricky. The most important part is to find out the typ of hair and puting on first place the things you can use to reestablish the balance before loosing too much hair. A properly haircare routine with the best products can be either decided by you or by a professional hairdesigner. Haircare products can be also either from the drugstore or from a top brand so it is only up to you which one you decide to use as long as you do stick up to your daily routine. 

After a complete haircare routine set by your specialist, try to look up for easy and cheap ways to mantain as long as possible your hair healthy. Some consider that hair extensions and wigs are accessories that should only be worn by persons whom have serious health problems which result in hairloss but that is not true. BestHairBuy hair extensions can be used daily to replenish your hair lenght and thickness. There are different types of closure you can choose from but for a full coverage the hair extensions and hair bundles are not that good. BestHairBuy wigs are the products you are looking for if you need a full coverage of your hairloss patches. Made from natural human hair or from best quality artificial hair, the wigs you cand find on the website are the ones come in various lenghts and natural looking shades but the ones with the bob haircut are the best you can try on. Wigs are made to support in a special way your natural nair so that it doesn not get mixed with the hair in the wig. You can comb some parts and mix them especialy in the front side if you want a bit of a volume or a more interesting hairdesign but in what concers the wig, this product usualy offers full support and coverage for the whole hair area. BestHairBuy bob wigs are available at budget friendly prices so you can mix up different types you want for a new change of style everyday.

luni, 23 aprilie 2018

S.O.S TED HAIR! my hair is going crazy!

Having a bad hair day or is just the luck out of your way lately? We are all experiencing that one! A pretty bad hair day is awful! You know from the right moment you wake up that there is nothing you can do to take back what you've done but here are a few tricks that I use to tame my hair every time I know it's gonna be one of those days when you'll have to start hair business classes from TedHair because your hair can be very demanding sometimes!

1. Brush your hair before and after the shower!
You've had a rough night and you can see that one stuck up on your face. You can't go like that out into the world so set your clock early and take a long warm shower to wake up properly. Brushing your hair before showering is essencial. Your shampoo foam will last longer and it will cleanse better the bad odour, the rest of make up that got on your hair and dust particles. Brushing it before stepping into the shower also prevents hairloss. Right after you are done with your bath, just put a towel around your head and let the water be absorbed naturaly for 5 or 10 minutes. Right after that you can gently apply essecial hair oils and prepair to brush it again. For straigh and semi curled hair a proper brush is mandatory! Also don't forget that wholesale hair extensions need the same treatment!

2. Think about what hairstyle you want to wear and start working on iti asap!
If you know you're hair puts up a fight every morning, then make sure to prepair for the battle! Right before going to bed, apply a sheen coat of hair oil or a leave in treatment then pull it up in a bun or put the accessories you want to make a new hairstyle when you wake up. I know that is not confortable to sleep with curlers attached to your hair but the result is worth! The sale applies for your hair extensions and wigs! Prepare it exactly like this so that when you wake up you no longer need to put up all that effort. You can use special products for wholesale wigs but the regular one that you can find in the local drugstore also work ok.

3. Wash your hair as many times as possible!
Just like your skin, your hair requires special attendance everyday. If you have greasy hair or you are simply working in a place that is full of dust, then make sure that at the end of the day you wash it properly with a caring and nourishment shampoo. A dirty hair can damage your skin and your health as well! Forget about those miths that are saying that a frequent hair wash will only damage and make your hair greasier  because it is not true! Every woman is unique and their hair as well! If you need daily hair wash then do it no matter what! A greasy hair look very bad and smells bad! Use a gentle shampoo and use less leave in if your tendancy is to greasy hair but your daily routine should definately be the same no matter what.

Share a special moment together, you and you mom!

Mother and daughters share a special bond since before birth. Our mothers are our best friends, our confidents and the world without them in our lives would just be a blank page. Since the first day we are born our eyes lie down on her, the woman that shared her body with us and provided for us for all nine month and we instanly fall in love with this woman. Her caring and love is never too much and we are luchy that we have them there to share together our special moments. Love your mom dears! They are not eternal and we should appreciate every moment with them like nothing else! Share every thought, every moment and make them feel special with any occasion. And this is how you make precious moment last forever in a picture with a simple matchind dress or a pair of girls swimsuits which you can wear at the beach together on the sunny weekend. Make every special occasion you share together even brighter with matching outfits! Make a statement about how much you love each other and how much you enjoy having fun wearing the same dress at the same time without finding anything wrong about sharing the same look with her. 

If you are pregnant or already have a little girl then I am more than sure that now you know what mother love is and now cherish you mother even more than you have done before. Right after having a baby a young woman finaly understand the struggles they're mother put up into, but motherhood is about that: loving and nurturing. Now when you look back to your old photo albums with your mother and your little girl and see those pretty matching dresses she made for you to wear at family reunions you know that she did all her best for you and so will you with your little princess! You will not leave any store without buying cute tops for girls with buterflyes and rainbows, little wellies and umbrellas in pink with polka dots or any toy she likes because you know that these little surprises are the ones you enjoy them both. Try out matching outfits for family members and take photos of them! 

duminică, 22 aprilie 2018

Discover the new you with hair extensions!

Falling into the same old routine at work and then at home and you do not know what else could you do to impress your loved one and feel a little bit fresh and as you did before? Did you know that a simple day at the beauty salon can have a huge impact on your mind and can bring back all those positive thoughts and energy you've lost during this stressful week? Embrace the weekend and start packing your things because tin the two following days you are going to get what you need: a new hairdo and a make over for a new fresh start on Monday! It does sounds good, doesn't it? You don't have to take care of anything at all because professional make up artist and hair dressers will take care of all those things you need to make yourself regain your inner beauty and sparkle to thrive another week in your busy office. Here are some trends you should definately follow these days:

1. Natural make-up or the No-make-up Make Up
A very popular make up trend and one that is very accesible to everyone considering the large range of products that give you the option to make a durable with a good aesthetics for a budget friendly price. Women who lack the time of getting done in the early morning or moms who can't have too much make up on their face would embrace this style. There are numerous brand that have a special line of make up in neutral and natural shades. Look though for those products that promise longlastic effect and enjoy you days with a minimal yet complex make up!

2. Change of style
Getting a little bored because of the same old hairstyling? Is your hair not in the best mood or trying realy bad to loose those split ends but your lenght is not enough for some luxurious buns? No worries! Your haistylist should know what to do in each case! The most populat way to get a thicker hair and a new and fresh hairstyle is refering to using hair weaves or natural hair extensions in a very crazy shade or blonde highlits. www.addcolo.com is the website with the best variety of natural hair products for a change of style with good quality products. More suffestions and new advices for how to use and mantain hair extensions are given on the website but you should already be instructed by your stylist about them if you have decided to give them a try.

joi, 19 aprilie 2018

3 easy ways to become a influencer

For some, blogging can be a really turn un in their lives and a full time job. Online media platforms and social medias have a great impact in every single day of our lives and they can have a big influence on our daily routine especialy if we are so strongly fond of our social media accounts such as facebook or instagram fan pages. In both cases, the one thing that makes a big difference between a low/average blogger and a top level online influencer is the quality of their photos published online. Most part of bloggers and influencers lov the camera and know very well how to pose to make their accounts attractive but if you are just starting your onlince career as a blogger and need some basic/standard advices for a fast and easy launch here are some that I hope you find useful!
1. Original content
If you think that you can go straight to number 1 place without any effort at all then my ffriend, you are so wrong! All bloggers and influencers have started from below and made a great effort to achieve international success. The content published on your website should be original and not a duplicate. Google and other online search engines can easily follow up your progress through your original content and they can also give you warnings and penalties if you copy content from other sources. Duplicated content can damage your image and your blog as well so be sure that you only write original content on various subjects.

2. Choose a niche
Your first atempts for original content might look desperate and confusing for some of your readers so the second most important thing to do in order to achieve your goals and work all your way up to a full time blogger carrier is to choose a niche. Just think about the things you love the most and make that one thing that keeps you passionate the main subject of your blog. This will help you a lot with writing and building up an audience. 

3. Invest in good pictures 
Only text blogs are not really that popular these days because influencers use lots of pictures to promote and gain new readers and followers every day. If you are not that great with taking photos in a public area then find a place you like the most and use it to take pictures for your blogposts. If you prefer working indoors then you can use a studio or your own room but take care of your background and lights. Use some backdrops from www.shopbackdrop.com for a new experience and great pictures you can also add to your social media accounts. Making your profile as much as possible visible with good quality photos and original content is a must for every blogger!