duminică, 1 iulie 2018

What modern women do to stay fit for a long time

For a modern woman staying fit is a must! Either they are having a strict diet or fitness instructor at the gym that makes you wear a fajas waist trainer cincher after birth, women consider that a fit body is the key to a healthy lifestyle. After birth though, it is a little more difficult to adjust to your old routine or simply do some movements. Same appplies for those who leave workout exercises for a while so it is very important to follow up your routine. If you feel you are struggling with everything and have issues managing your spare time or simply do not know hpw to handle your new life as a mommy who needs fajas colombianas body slimming underwear, then here are a few advices that could help you stay toned and thin even without a complex gym routine or any stress!

1. Drink a lot of water
The more water you drink the more energised you will feel! It is very important for your health to drink water during the day so make sure you have a bottle with you to keep hydrated. If you are the type of woman that looses time with work and forget to take a break from once in a while to drink water then you can use a smart bottle with luminous signals that would remind you to drink up. You can sync the app to your bottle on your smartphone and even make notes or a schedule so you can keep track with your progress. Do not forget that headakes are the first sign of dehydration!

2. Folow a diet
Seasonal vegetables and fruit are the ones that have one of the most important part in your diet. If you are going to follow a lossing weight routine then make sure you check a nutritionist first and go togheter through a rigorous diet plan that suits your need. Make sure you are always buying fresh vegetables and fruits from your local market and have a healthy salad or a snack with you! 

3. Wear a postpartum belt
After pregnancy you are expected to loose weight but it is not quite that simple to regain your older thin shape. Make sure you are eating healthy for both yourself and your baby and make very simple exercises to strenghten your muscles. Wearing a abdominal belt for women or shefajas reductoras colombianas after birth is an optional step but the after birth acccessories can help you correct your posture and heal in a faster pace. They are actualy very confortable and easy to mask under your clothes so give it a try if you are not pleased with yout postpartum belly. 

Did you know that a YoYo postpartum girdle can have lots of benefits for your health?

During pregnancy a woman's body change due to hormones and the baby. It is a wonderful and unique experience but at the same time can be a bit difficult. Due to hormonal changes in the body and the new life that forms inside, a woman's body is facing new challenges. The skin streches to it's maximum lenght, the digestive system faces new challenges, the hair starts to fall due to lack of vitamins, factors that can easily make the pregnant woman loose it's confidence. Post partum depression is a very common affection these days and husbands and family need to know what they can do best to help the young mum pass the hard time without any trouble. Being a new mom in not an easy task. A new born baby changes everything! From your daily routines to your whole schedule, nothing will be the same it was before, but you can try to make it a more pleasant experience with some few things that are definately very useful for a new mom!

The changes that went through your body the last nine months left some marks that can not be erased that easily. After birth your body would need some rest so trying to fit your old clothes might be a bit difficult. But do not dispair! Consult your doctor and make sure you got his approval for going out to the gym to get the same thin shape you had before! Right after birth you can wear a postpartum girdle to feel secure on yourself. The YoYo postpartum belt and girdles offer back support and can also help you get in shape way more faster that usual. Not to be confused with corsets! The difference between these two is that a postpartum item is it used for recovery and not as an item for thinning your waist. They are made out of very natural fabrics that fit the body and offer support and compression for the back and belly. Some programs and movements might not be recommended for you so make sure you mention your birth to your fitness intructor who will create a list of activities and routines you can work up to in order to lose some weight and shape up your muscles. You might be allowed to wear on a daily basis a bauchweggürtel nach geburt but if you think you need someting more for a full support then ask both your doctor and instructor about accessories that can make your postpartum experience go as smooth as possible. Enjoy every moment with your baby but stay fit and confortable with bästa gördel efter förlossning.

vineri, 29 iunie 2018

3 easy and cheap tricks to protect your hair during summer time!

External factors like heat, rain, poluated air combined with a wrong formulated shampoo and conditioner can cause damage to your natural hair. Summer time is known to have high temperatures and waves of heat that are unbereable. Dermatologist suggest that you should apply a thick coat of sunscreen protection emulsion on your skin even though you are not going outside in the clear sky or wear an umbrella with you because ultraviolets can burn your skin no matter how many layers of clothes you put on. Proctecting your sking means protecting your health but do not forget that not only the skind needs special attention through the summer! Your hair has same importance! The torrid sun can accelerate skin and hair aging so make sure you use the appropiate kind of products in your daily routine. If you are not sure how you can make it through the summer without any problem then here are a few tricks you can look up for to protect your hair, waves and wig!

1. Hydrate and protect!
You may be inclined to think that the usual conditioner you use is perfect for summer but it is not. Same as body creams, both shampoo and contitioner can be found in a special range for summer time with ultraviolet protection factor. You can find products with 50 SPF either in drugstores or local pharmacies. There are a few special ranges for highly damaged hair that have SPF and normal hair lines with the same SPF. You can use SPF hair products on your human hair weave as well so do not forget about them when you decide to have some pampering time.

2. Wear hats!
I know that you want a perfect tan and think that your hat might stand in your way, but a hat can protect your hair! If you do not like to wear your hair loose in the summer then you can pin it up in a messy bun and the wear a scarf around it for a glamorous look but any other hat or hair accessories that cover your hair would do just fine to protect your skin, eyes and hair from the burning sun. Same rules apply even if you decide to wear human hair wigs for a new appearance.

3. Try a new hairstyle!
As I have said before, summer can be pretty much unbereable for some! Wearing your hair loose might be a big problem so there is only one option for you either cut it into a fancy asymetric bob or add some lace closure hair accessories so that when you will make your hair into a bun, the volume gets up as well. Hair accessories can help you get volume and try out something new for the summer season so make sure you look up for the natural hair weaves and extensions in bright colours. 

joi, 31 mai 2018

What's the best online store to buy skater dresses?

It sure is hot these days, am I right? Summer is near and we need to change our clothes. I can barely breathe from this wave of hot air. So today, my darlings, I am going to write about some of the most beautiful summer maxi dresses that I have found on the internet, from Bellalike. I am not that kind of person that can bought with cheap clothes, when it comes to fashion. The fact that I am really interested in fashion is not such a big surprise, this being the reason why I look through all the products before buying anything. It was such a great experience searching through all the dresses from this beautiful online store, that I couldn't resist and had to share with you some of the dresses I found and thought to buy for myself. 

From my point of view, these dresses are just great for this summer. 2018 will be one of the best years of my life if I get to buy any of these dresses soon. Another category of dresses from Bellalike that I admire and I would like to buy are the cheap skater dresses. I believe that these dresses look astonishing and they give a very beautiful and natural look to the person that wears them. Not only that they look gorgeous on women, but they are also very cheap. Just another bargain from an online store! Who doesn't like bargains? A friend of mine has a dress that looks like these dresses and she wouldn't share with me where she bought it from, so I started searching on the internet and the first thing to find was Bellalike. 

So, if you are looking for a cheap online store that has many products, Bellalike is the only one place for you to go. You will find that there are many discounts and the quality of the products is very good. Take your time and spend your money only on the best dresses from around the internet!

miercuri, 9 mai 2018

CUm am reusit sa strang suficienti bani pentru carti

As fi tentata sa spun ca a trecut ceva timp de cand nu am mai stat de vorba cu voi pe blog despre carti, dar uitandu-ma in urma la articolele publicate imi dau seama ca defapt v-am vorbit cat se poate de des despre aventurile mele livresti si dscoperirile interesante. Despre ceea ce nu prea v-am vorbit este strans legat de bugetul pentru carti pentru ca daca e sa o luam serios, cartile pot fi destul de scumpe si pot afecta grav bugetul unui student/elev sau oricarei persoane care are o suma limitata de bani de alocat pentru acestea. Cu toate ca am un job stabil, in unele luni nu mi-am permis foarte multe libertati pentru ca pretul utilitatilor si a chiriei a crescut foarte mult. Nu imi vine sa cred cat de mult au putut sa creasca preturile pentru anumite produse si cat de mult a trebuit sa ne limitam eu si sotul meu din a cheltui banii economisiti pana acum.

Nu credeam ca voi spune vreodata lucrul acesta, dar cred ca devine din ce in ce mai greu de trait in tara noastra. Nu sunt genul care sa risipeasca banii pe lucruri inutile, ci din contra. Am fost si vreau sa cred ca inca sunt o persoana chibzuita dar comparand lunile si anii din urma cu zilele de astazi, parca atunci imi permiteam mult mai multe fata de acum. Nu stiu, poate nu facem noi ceva bine dar vad ca din ce in ce mai multe persoane si cupluri de prieteni se plang de dificultatile financiare pe care le intampina. Cu toate acestea, mi-am planuit un plan de atat foarte bine pus la punct pentru a face rost de bani suficienti pentru achizitionarea a cel putin doua daca nu chiar a trei carti pe luna pentru a ma putea delecta cu lecturi delicioase cat mai des. Iata care sunt ideile mele pentru a economisi bani pentru carti si pe care le poti folosi si tu!

1. Sterge de praf vechea pusculita pentru maruntis!
De fiecare data cand primim rest marunt la magazine sau la statiile de plata pentru facturi, aruncam fara prea mare drag toate acele monede spre fundul gentii sau ii lasam uitati printr-un buzunar al pantalonilor. Cu toate ca nu vorbim despre foarte multi bani, maruntisul poate fi de mare ajutor pentru a pune deoparte o suma destul de frumusica pentru cateva capricii! Daca ai o pusculita pentru maruntis uitata pe vreo undeva, caut-o sau pur si simplu gaseste o cale de ati transforma un borcan simplu intr-o pusculita atragatoare si vesela pentru a strange toate monedele din casa! Daca vei fi cat de cat constiincios, la sfarsitul lunii vei vedea ca ai strans o suma destul de frumusica ! Poti eticheta pusculitele pentru diferite dorinte pentru ati putea pune la punct mai multe idei de economii.

2. Ofera ajutor rudelor sau parintilor si vei fi recompensat!
Daca nu ai timp pentru un job iar parintii/rudele au nevoie de ajutor, te poti oferi chiar tu sa ii ajuti cu treburile casnice in schimbul unei mici recompense! Stabileste cu acestia care este tariful pentru serviciile pe care le poti oferi si da-i bice! Daca locuiesti la curte mai mult ca sigur iti vei putea gasi cu usurinta cate ceva de facut! Poti pregati curtea pentru urmatoarea zi, poti face curatenie in cusca animalutului tau sau poti lucra in gradina! Daca iti mai ramane timp si energie, poti sa pregatesti si masa pentru cei dragi iar la sfarsitul zilei va puteti bucura impreuna de o masa calda si de o casa curata! Nu uita sa stabilesti care iti sunt atributiile si orarul in cazul in care esti elev/student si ai nevoie de cateva ore pentru ati face temele!

3. Aplica la diverse micro-joburi pe internet!
Stiai ca poti castiga bani si de pe internet? Daca esti un internaut devodat sau pur si simplu iti place sa butonezi telefonul in timpul liber, atunci poti transforma timpul petrecut pe internec intr-un lucru productiv! Poti aplica pe diferite platforme la microjoburi si poti participa la sondaje de opinie pentru a acumula puncte bonus si vouchere pe care le poti folosi pentru ati achizitiona carti de pe site-urile tale preferate! Unele vouchere pot acoperi costul intreg al unei comenzi sau iti pot oferi un discount de peste 50% daca esti activ in mediul online si iti respecti deadline-urile pentru rezolvarea task-urilor. La fel de important este sa verifici constant email-ul pentru a putea beneficia de diferite promotii si coduri de reducere personalizate pentru a mai economisi ceva banuti!

Cu toate ca ar mai fi cateva idei pe care vi le-as putea spune pentru a pune deoparte lunar bani pentru cheltuieli, doar acestea mi-au fost cu adevarat de folos in ultima vreme. Chiar daca nu crezi ca poti sa strangi o suma foarte mare de bani prin aceste metode, important este sa incerci! Trebuie sa fii chibzuit si sa iti doresti cu adevarat sa economisesti pentru ati putea indeplini visurile, dar daca nu crezi ca esti genul de persoana care sa aiba rabdare sa astepte fiecare sfarsit de luna pentru a vedea cat a pus deoparte, atunci poti oricand apela la ajutorul unui imprumut daca tu crezi ca poti plati ratele la timp. Nu este o idee rea mai ales daca ai un job stabil si iti este mai accesibila aceasta varianta, dar ai grija sa iti respecti termenele de plata!