joi, 7 martie 2019

A woman's guide to a flawless look

Any woman in this world knows that if you want to look flawless every single day of your life without any aditional struggles you must follow some simple rules which involves make-up, accessorising and clothing. It does not really matter where do you live or what job you have got as long as you know how to put the right make-up on your face, clothes and formal evening gowns  to build an elegant and yet casual look. With the right make-up and gown, you can either conquer the world or loose it all in just a second so make sure you are prepared accordingly for every second of your life because first appearances can cost you everything! And never forget that something following the simplest rules you might succeed!

For those who might not know what type of make-up or apparel to use then there are a few charts or even online courses with specialist that will give the help needed. The most important thing is to know what type of person you are, what is your purpose and what do you want to achieve. Without being 100% commited to yourself there will be no success in what you are doing! Second but not less important, make sure you understant your body very well. Through your make up and outfit you can tell a thousand things. Wear a simple make-up that would only enhance your true natural self and only opt for bold one in the eventuality of a special event. Use make-up products that are top brands and ask for help if you do not know which ones are the best for your skin type and needs.

Knowing the shape of your body is also essential! It does not really matter if you are just looking just after a skirt or for a chic prom dress... Pay attention to these simple rules before making any purchass or decision in regards with your outfits and you cannot fail! If you do not want to look cheap and messy then have a good look in the mirror, adknowledge that what you might need to wear might not be very popular or even trending but it would not matter because it would fit your body better than a glove! For example, if your body is shaped as a pear, then an A-line dress would be more suited for your.  An A-shaped dress or maybe even a trumphet one would come really handy for thos of you who might feel that thight dresses are a bit too much for a evening party or cocktail. They are indeed more versatile and easy to be worn and do remmeber that diaphane looks can be created with VaniaDress and the right type of jewelry. 

You do not have to look like supermodel to wear mermaid evening dresses but a slender figure or a voluptous one might be very helpful considering that type particular type of dress is a bit daring and requires lots of confidence as it shows everything. Same rule applies for gowns: less is more! Try to avoid dresses full of embelishments unless the patters is delicate or somptous in a very elegant yet classy manner. Since the oldest times the most beautiful and recommended dresses have been the modest evening dresses  that follow simple designs and lines such as the following which I am sure that you would love because there is no need of adding any other accessories to them. 

joi, 21 februarie 2019

Dresslily Wishlist

I have promised myself that in 2019 I would have to be way more careful with shopping because I have spent so much money the previous year and I have literaly no ideea  how did that happen! I managed to save like zero money and it is rather sad because I did wanted to start the new year with something in my pockets but I guess I will have to compromise and not do any other expensive shoppings in the following days! It is not easy but I have to cut lots of shopping items out of my cart and just buy the necessary things. For example, my make-up kit is full so I would not need any other make-up products or skin care products too soon because I made sure the last time that I bought my skincare products in bulk. My closet is also full of new clothes that I bought a while ago but never worn so no clothes either! The only items I am allowed to buy are just a few home decor stuff that I do need to add in my new home. 

The first item I am going to buy from Dresslily which is by the way my favourite online shopping website, is a floor mat. It's time to refresh your wardrobe! DressLily prepare the best high-quality but low-prices products for you, make you free under all occasion for Monday to Friday! I love having fluffy and puffy mats near my bed! For a while I hav avoided buying mats or bed coverings that are made out of these artificial fibers because I though they are not well done and also cheap looking but now I really need one to fill up my desk corner. This one though I will use for instagram pictures and I will carefuly store it because items like this tend to damage very easily if used daily. I have never washed my old one because I have been very careful with it and the white is still very clean and I hope this one that comes in a dusty pink will be the same. I am not concerned about the quality because I do know that they do sell items that are very good. I have found some heart shape ones as well and they do come in various colours but the pink one is my favourite and also my first one!

Next on the list: flowers! Yes, it might sound strange but I like having artificial flowers in my home. Some people might find it unusual or terrifing but I do not believe in superstitions!  I have bought a few bouquets for decorative purposs a long while ago and since then I kept on adding new flower designs on my basket. I used to stack them in a box under my desk and use them only for photoshoots purposes only but recently I have tried some new designs and I have integrated some on my artificial roses and I love the way they look and now I need more! I have seen a few types of artificial flowers but these two are my must buy items for now! I never thought that a garland would look so natural and pretty to be honest and cannot wait to get mine soon! And last but not least on my wishlist are some 3D butterflies! I have already a few sets of 12 in various colours but I have just spotted some that come in golden and silver that I must have! I already know that they would look amazing near my mirror and maybe some on the fridge but I will have to see how many will fit. 

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And let us not forget about red dresses! February it is considered to be the moth of love so let us celebrate it accordingly with dresses that would make us look fabulous on our dates! I do want to impress my husband with a nice gown so this are the dresses I choose to buy this month for new chaleange! Which one is your favourite? Here are the new arrival:

vineri, 8 februarie 2019

Prom to do list

There are moments in a young women's life that need special preparations, for example wedding, engadgement, prom night etc. At every one of them they must look ravishing so in order for their dream to come true and live a night hard to forget they must prepair in advance! If you find yourself in the same situation and need a dress for your prom night in the upcoming season, then pay attention to this short advices tha twill certainly make your life way more easier and maybe improve your organising skills!

1. Look for a means of transport
Before making any decisions about your means of transportations you should know where the party is going to be held and how you can get there. Knowing the venue location should simplify your access with your own car or with a taxi in case it is far from your house. Most of your collegues will rent a big car to go together so there might be a change for you to get there without your car but have a second option just in case they all abandon the ideea and you find yourself hung up without any driver!

2. Find a proper partner for dance
I know it might sound silly, but a nice partner can make the difference between a nght to remember or a night to forget! If you are not geting an invitations from your crush don't make a fuss out of it! You can invite him and find out if he is ok with this or not! Be bold and take charge before boys do! It is known that boys can sometimes be lazy or make poor choices in life so be the girl with the initiative and ask first! I do suggest you not to forget other boys in your school that might deserve your attention! But if you don't find a partner you like or don't get invited by one, then you can go by yourself and still have a great time!

3. Find a dress to impress
I know that clothes are not that important but trust me with this: a proper dress can open you doors to success! You do not have to be a fashion icon or an instagram star to look dazzling, you just need a proper gown! There are lots of designs to choose from but you might find boring the little black dress or the red dress, so why not give it a try with something bold such as an ombre sequin evening dress? I know it might look a bit unconfortable or too muh for a cocktail but you need it! With a sequin made dress there is no need for any further accessories so do not worry about earings, necklaces or other trincklets because you won't need them.

4. Organise everything
I know it is just one night but you do know that just one party can turn your world upside down if yoou are not prepared for it accordingly? Make sure you have enough sleep during the day of just take a nap so you won't look too tired. A thick layer of foundation would come in handy but you do not want to wear a heavy make up just to cover up the signs of your exaustion! Second, get your outfit ready in time, polish your shoes and make sure you have got all you might need in your purse. Do not forget your wallet in case you might need to grab a cab and some plasters for after dancing! Also, you might need a second outfit for that just in case situation! Buy two different dresses from and store them accordingly in your closet. Lists can come in handy if you have a very busy schedule or if you just want to be very organised so take them slow and plan your party and events very seriously but do not forget to enjoy your time! Dance as much as you can and spent some quality time with your friends as well if you can!

luni, 21 ianuarie 2019

The little black dress from

Some say that the little black dress is considered to be la piece du resistance in a woman's wardrobe and when it comes to fashion and I do believe that the right black dress can change a woman's appearance with the correct set of accessories and a strong character. Black is a very strong non-colour and is not suitable for everyone but it is indeed a shade that would be very easy to match. Embelishments added to a a black lace evening dress might be a bit too much though so before purchasing any black dress one must make sure that it is made from a high quality fabric and has no any extra patterns or extra designs unless you want something that is out of the ordinary but then the same rule applies: no more accessories. A lace dress is very precious and would be very well accompanied by a nude pair of high heels and a make up that is focused either on the lips or the eyes but never on both. Soft make-ups are the best for pretty much all outfits so unless there is a special event that requires a dramatic look just opt for soft nude shades. In what concerns the jewelry, the litthe black dress would sparkle even more with just a bit of gold so a pair of earings or a statement necklace in bright gold would add that bit of light to the outfit. But do no forget that less is more! The more items of jewelry you add the more you will drag attention from an elegant outfit.

Sequins are a good ideea only if you are planning to go out into a club or a bit more elect event. Sequins are not recommended for day use so make sure you wear your sequin dress only on late night events. The sequins and sparkling embelishment will give you the bit of light you need so do not hesitate to buy a dress that takes you out of your comfort zone.

For a bit of a more daring yet elegant look, there are the purple evening dresses with sleeves just perfect for a autumn-winter fashion season. Deep purple has always been considered a luxurious colour that could only be worn in some certain occassions but as years have passed, lots of fashion designers have addopted the colour and made bold and daring outfits with some of the most craziest shades of purple! The dark royal purple is very ppopular and yet a very difficul shade due to it's strong impressions. It works very well with other complementary colours but if you are thinking of a colour block outfit make sure that you do not use more than 2 or 3 colours or it maight look a bit chaotic! A purple dress tells a very important story about the woman that wears it so make sure you pick up the right design and shade! For more high quality dresses and top fashion designs from the best online fashion makers go online on

joi, 3 ianuarie 2019

Still looking for a new hairstyle for 2019? Try out ombre wigs for a change!

Once we approach New Years Eve, a lot of us say that it is going to be a turning point, the moment to finaly do some changes, take chances etc. It is indeed a great chance for some of us to do whatever we have dreamed but could not do the previous year like apply for a new job, pursue your lifetime dream, break a world record or just try something new like a blonde wig! Yeah, that might sound crazy because some might not have the chance to change their minds or even lose everything they had before but every single one of these choices define our character and makes us who we are. I could say that the least dangerous thing to try out in 2019 is a new hair cut and a new hair colour of course. A change of hairstyle can boost your confidence and also improve your look depending on the lenght you pick. 2018 has embraced lots of hairstyle but the one that has been on everyone's mind in every saloon was the ombre style! For a perfect ombre you just need a darker shade for roots and a lighter one for the ends. Anyone can get an ombre because it is one of the easiest coloured hairstyle from them all! You can try it yourself at home without any other help or for a more succesfull and long term change try out an ombre lace front wig that would make it easier for you. There are a few interesting combinations like red and blonde or back and blue ends but if you do not like trying out styles that are too bold then the safest option is the regulat brown/black with blonde. It is a rather simple hairstyle to maintain and it does not require a complicated haircare routine if you are considering a long term style. A quality synthetic wig for example does not need a very difficult haircare routine at all! You can dye the wig with whatever colour you want as long as you make sure you have done it properly because same as your natural hair, the synthetic wig requires a properly attention when dyed so that every inch you are trying to cover with hair dye is done accordingly. In the following you will find a few pictures for inspiration for ombre hairtyles.