duminică, 14 iulie 2019

One unforgttable proposal with BBBGEM!

Want to propose but do not want to make just an ordinary proposal but something fancy that would make your partner exhalt with fascination and happiness? Proposals are special and they do need to be transformed into an occassion for a celebration so it is important to follow a few steps or rules if you want to make this day unforgettable! Did you know that the engagement ring is really important as it has a very special meaning? Depending on your budget or your partners preffecrences you can opt for diamonds, precious stones or other cubic zirconia engagement rings.

Lots of partners do not know what each other like, even if they have spent lots of years together. It is nothing to worry about because all of us have a few things that maybe we have not shared with our partners, but that does not makes them secrets! If you do not know what your partners favourite colour is or if you find it a bit difficult to chose the perfect engagement ring to fit the hand of your partner then you must do some searching! Do not be afraid of asking or just pop in some questions about their prefferences!

 Select a nice venue or plan a day off together in a lovely place to make the proposal even more special! Paris is the city of love and lots of couples have proposed in the Eiffel Tower so book in early a trip to the capital of love and lights and surprise your lover with the most awaited questions in one of the most beautiful sights in the world! Do not forget to secure the opal engagement rings as the high might give both of you dizziness!

If you want something intimate and surprising, then you can always go with the classical rose bouquet and a fancy dinner! Do not hide the ring in the desert as some troubles might come up! Just tie up the citrine engagement ring on one of the roses or just place it on a bright red jewelry box!

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vineri, 5 iulie 2019

Summer, the perfect season for proms!

When was the last time you participated to a prom? Proms are like some of the most beautiful events that could ever take place in the history of the human kind. Everybody is happy and dancing and nothing can change that. Anyway, because summer is the main season for proms, I believe that there are some concerns about how a woman should wear. Am I right? Because of that I visited a few online stores which are on my list and searched for some dresses that might help somebody who wants to go to a prom. In this case I found 27Dress UK, one of my favorite online stores.

The first time I saw the products this store has I really felt in love with it. I am that kind of person that loves discounts and beautiful products. One of the main reasons I decided to talk about 27Dress.co.uk is the fact that it has prom dresses under £100. To me this sounds like a bargain. I don’t know many online stores that sell prom dresses this cheap. You ask yourselves why would they sell their products with prices this low, right? Well this is because they respect their clients and want to give them only the best experience in shopping. The quality of their products is great and nobody would expect it to be any different. If you are also searching for a prom dress to wear this summer, I truly recommend you to give 27Dress a chance and search through its dresses!

joi, 4 iulie 2019

Long prom dresses for an iconic look

We have talked many times here on my blog about long prom dresses and yet lots of you still  want to continue discussion about them as you are still looking for the right one! I guess all of us love dresses, but long ones are the best isn't it? The long dress is iconic and has always been the best option for short women as it does create the impression of having a longer silhouette, if the right designs is picked. That should be the first rule when shopping for dresses! Having enough knowledge about how designs can influence your looks would help you improve your outfits. There are a lot of tutorials that could help you improve your style and also get to know what fashion dresses would fit you best. If you are not sure which one is the rightone for your body then ask for an expert advice. For example, petite women should be very careful with princess style dresses from 27dress.co.uk  as they tend to make your lower part look shorter, but with the right corset the things can change. That is the reason why long prom dresses have always been on top prefferences. The impression f a slim and longer body can be very easy reached with an A-line or a mermaid dress. If you are looking for inspiration for prom looks then I suggest you to look either online on your favourite bloggers page or have a short shopping trip to the stores that sell 

Not a big fan of dresses? Here are a few designs from Chicmillions that would make you change your mind!

If you are the boy-ish type of girl and preffer wearing trousers and shirts at work rather than fashion dresses for women then you are not the only one! Lot of women find trousers to be more affordable and wereable that pretty dresses, but during summer, you might have to change lots of outfits so a few new dresses in your wardrobe would do good for you when the temperatures are up high! I know that wearing a dress might be unpleasant especialy if you would rather wear a suit outfit so if you are not feeling confident enough to wear one at work then make sure you have at least two or three in your car to change over when you are on your way to a meeting. Simple designs and classic dresess are perfect if you are not the fashionista type as they would not need any embelishments or accessories added. You would not and should not wear the same clothes as the ones you had all day! Dresses are precious and different in design so if you find yourself lost in the newest trends in fashion then I will make sure you will find enough inspiration in today's blogpost! I have recently discovered a new website with loads of Chicmillion ideas for cheap and affordable casual skater dresses that are your best option for the events and business appointments you have bookes in the evening. You do not need an expert advice when buying dresses! If you do not know what to choose just go for chic casual! Asymetric dresses are perfect for a fresh daily look. You would only need a pair of cute flats or high heels in a confortable height and your look is done effortless! Look at the following models I have chosen for a casual yet veru chic look for evening meetings. All dresses can be very easy transformed from a daily to a more elegant and lavish outfit for late night events, with the right pair of shoes and jewelry pieces.

luni, 1 iulie 2019

July must have: 27dress prom ideas

When I say that July was the month of new discoveries I mean it! Just this week I stumbled upon 4 new websites for women, but today I am going to talk to you about one that might be old for most but new for some (such as me and a little part of my readers of course). You already know that I like online shopping so much, and when I find sales and good prices I make sure I share that bit of information with all my dearest friends that I know they would do the same because everyone would like to know where to buy the best looking of prom dresses 2019 with big discounts applyed! I have thought that sales would only last for a week or two but it seems that we will have all summer long good offers for fashion items! I know lots of you girls have special events to attendo to this weekend so if you are in a ruch and have nothing planned to wear then have a look at these gorgeous dresses on 27dress.co.uk and choose one of your liking!