vineri, 7 septembrie 2018

Do beauty bloggers live a perfect life? The truth behind the cameras unveiled!

One of the most asked question of all times in hair saloons is very much related to hairloss. For centuries women and also men have struggled with health issues that caused hairloss and it is even now in modern days this is still an issue that makes people feel unconfortable with themselves. Being an influencer or a beauty blogger is not an activity for everyone. Lots of people think that people who choose to work and invest in social media have a perfect life and zero struggles. In fact, we could say that influencers and online people put up lot of work behind and on the camera. In order to be succesful and reach a certain kind of popularity on social media platforms you have got to be consistent and original. Beauty is irelevant but having a pleasant appearance has a huge impact on the number of followers. For example, one of the most popular feminine influencer has recently said that behind the lenses, there is no perfection. We all have flaws we want to cover and things that make us feel vulnerable but you do not have to get influenced by those who put pressure on you to keep up with the trends. Obtaining the perfect look for the perfect pictures might take more than a few couple of hours of preparations. For example, did you really think that your most beloved beauty blogger you have kept on following the past days has the perfect hair design off the camera as well? Sorry to dissapoint but most of the social media women and beauty bloggers wear human hair bundles with closure to make their hair look fuller and voluminous. It is indeed one trick that has become very popular because the loose deep hair wave is easy to apply and work with for highly complicated hair designs at home. Some hairdressers recommend that the first batch of waves and hair bundles to be only applyed by them and they have a point. Youtube tutorials are very good for you to watch how to use them but if you are trying them for the first time then you should take your human hair bundles with frontal closure to your hairstylist to make sure they are corectly closed and that they are the right items for your necessities. A lot more items related to brazilian hair for sale online can be found these days but for a very good quality item I suggest you to ask your stylist about the range that suits you best if you want to start a new career as a social media influencer or a beauty blogger. 

marți, 28 august 2018

Autumn wishlist with Dresslily highlights

Some would say that is rather early to think about autumn and rain but considering we are linving in the UK and there is always the chance for rain, then every day is a good day for shopping autumn clothing! Most of you already know very well that I love online shopping from Dresslily and that there are a few online stores that I preffer when buying women fashion apparel but lately most of them have added a shipping fee that made me reconsider shopping from them. Just a few still have free shipping and because I know you are looking for cheap clothings for autumn and love discounts then today I will make a short whislist with coats and other autumn related items that you can view and buy from Dresslily because I do prefer this website rather than others. Maybe I got used to it, I do not know but the low prices and quick shipping time has made it into one of my top favourites for online shopping. I do not like wearing raincoats so I always got an umbrela in my backpack just in case the weather changes when I get out of work. Long coats made of 100% wool or cotton are from far away my favourites for autumn season but I would never say no to a modern jacket! The thing is they are very hard to find in a attractive design and with a very good fabric. I have seen some though that look very nice and I might as well give them a try because I use to wear different outwears. If you decide to make a purchase in the near future for women apparel and accessories from Dresslily then I have some codes for discounts that might be useful for you! If you just copy paste the following codes you can get multiple benefits! The free shipping worldwide is also one of the best features the website has. A new offer is curently running for autumn season and back to school so hurry up if you want to replen your wardrobe just in time for a new season! 

Use code " DLSally " All orders use the code ,  over $100 save $12  ( 1 time limited )
Use code"  DLSally " All orders use the code  , over $50  save $ 6     ( 1 time limited )
Use code"  DLSally" All orders use the code  , over $25  save  $ 3    ( 1 time limited )

joi, 23 august 2018

Top 5 favourite homecoming dresses for the fall 2018

There are a few special events in a girl's/woman's life where she needs to feel beautiful and one of those one is the homecoming ball that take part every year just right before or sometimes during the new school year. The homecoming welcomes all alumni back into a new year that will be more brightly for them. The homecoming event though is celebrated different across the globe. For instance, in the United States the local team must play in the most awaited game of the fall and win. The celebrations spread across all town and it is a nice oportunity for families and friends to reunite after a long and warm summer holiday spent on exotic beaches. Right after the game it is very popular for students in senior year to attend the homecoming ball that would finally open the new school year. It is a perfect occasion for online sotres to renew their stock and make space for the new collection of cheap homecoming dresses for all the senior girls that would attend the ball. Usualy the homecoming ball follows a certain theme set either by teachers or students so depending on it, girls and young boys dress up properly to fit into the decor. During the summer holiday most of the senior students attented part time jobs so finding a gown for a special event like this would be very expensive and tidious. For young girls the budget is limited considering the fact that not only a dress is required but also a make up routine and a hair dresser for a complete look. Short homecoming dresses are very popular and also affordable for the small budget of a part timer. Short dresses are no longer considered a day only fashion items but also an versatile one depending on the style chosen. A few of the following dresses come in help for those of you that are in search for dresses and do not know that on are many discounts and promotions for all kind of party and special occasion gowns. Short dresses can be the perfect ones for a charming and chic outfit. All new customers are welcomed to the website with a 15% price shown if you enter the BLOG code into the final steps of online ordering!

sâmbătă, 4 august 2018

How I saved money with Hasoffer for beauty and fashion items in a short time

Been thinking a lot these days about saving money while still making monthly purchases for fashion items and believe when I say that it is very hard to stick on your budget everytime! I have tried everything but just a few tricks actualy worked and I think it is time to share with you the things that helped me save money while still shopping as usual. If you are the same as me, a shoppaholic then you must know by now that everytime we find ourselves in a store we just can not go out without buying something even though we might not need it. This is the first thing we need to correct first. Our behaviour regarding shopping. We must ask ourselves if we do need the items or not. It is not necessary or of high importance just do not put it in your shopping bag/cart. Saving money is not an easy task but if you take it step by step you can see positive results. So here are the steps to follow in order to spend just a small amount of money every month and how can deals help you to save up!

1. As I've told previously told, daily shopping can be tricky. With every trip we make to the local drugstore or supermarket lots of random items are added to our shopping list. It is a consumer habit that lots of us have it and it is rather difficult to brake the habbit but not impossible! You can start by daily remembering your targets and that you do not need that extra shower gel unless you have zero stock. To make it easier you can make a list of products to purchase at every visit to keep track of your purchases and money you spend AND HOW TO SUCCSEFULLY APPLY AMAZON COUPONS.
2. Collect and apply for 2018 Black Friday Amazon Coupons Deals  
I know it might sound crazy or silly but coupons save lot of money! If you like fashion and beauty magazines you know that they have got a special section with discount codes and coupons to use in stores. You might not believe it at first but those food coupons work on top of all existing offers! Try to collect them and apply it before finalising any purchase. Loyalty points can be added to your card or receipt for further discounts as well so make sure you collect all of them for a better chance for latest redmart coupons coupons deals 

3. Only buy items at sale prices
Waiting for sales can be a tidious time but the wait is worth it! Lots of brands and high end beauty products will be discounted in the sale season so make a wishlist of those things you want and be the first one to know when the sales will hit so you can be there in a short time. You can ask thorugh emails or simply request a newsletter from one of your beauty suppliers to keep in touch with every sale. The  best food coupons online sales are gonna be available on a short time online but you can keep track by regulary visiting which is one of the best websites for you coupon mania!

duminică, 22 iulie 2018

Summer holiday - the perfect time for home improvements plans!

Summer holiday has just begun and lots of customers filled up their baskets with DIY products for home improvements or renovations that are more cheap this time of the year. It is known that summer is the best season to start a do over to your home. Either we are talking about just some small improvements for the wallpaper/paint colour or a simply replacement of your old taps and sinks from the bathroom and kitchens with new gold bathroom sink faucet, everything must be set in place for the new school year. Replacing the old faucets with new one is an hour or two job and no one needs special skills to do it. It is very easy to change them and adapt it to the sink. Different designs and chromed finish come in handy for a new touch of chic in your chambers. Store employees are not alowed to give plumbing advices so if you plan on changind the whole system not only the faucets, then make sure you have a professional plumber to adjust the water pressure and fit the new items corectly as many of the old houses have lots of damages to the water system or just need some bits replaced. Try to choose designs for taps that are modern and chic to transform your bathroom from a boring one to a full spa experience. You can find online various types for different types of sinks but make a note that every sink has it's own particularities so not all standard faucets might fit. Take measurements and precations before purchasing an item online or just make sure that you show to your adviser and shop owner the type of sink and products you are after.