vineri, 26 septembrie 2014

A house full of dreams

I have dreamed I was a princess and then i suddenly woke up... My sheets dindn't felt like a queens bed, it was messy, the bedding set kind of old, with colours that faded. But why is this happening? I bought recently this new bedding for having a good sleep but it looks like they did not make my expectation at all so wanting or not, i had to go again to the market to look for some new one but the i remembered... had some pretty nice stuff the last time I checked so i bother shopping this bad things when could stay at home and having a great online sesion today and find some cute home decor ideas not only bedding sets! It is time for a full change in my bedroom also my world if i might say but lets start for instance with this cutties:

Beautiful and Cute Butterfly 12-Piece Wall Stickers
Super Beautiful Romantic Pink Faery Wall Stickers
Fancy Stylish Creative Glass Shade Tanle Lamp
Amazing 3D Lovely Rabbit Patterns Wall Stickers

Ok, i admit! They look a little bit to girlie and maybe childish but i love them! If it were by me, all my room would be covered with many stickers, had lots of fancy lamps, coloured badding sets with disney characters to remind me that in my home i can be whatever i want, do everything i want and have the bedroom of my childhood home! I can;t forget how many argues i had with my mom to get down all of the stickers from my walls to get them painted.. This drawings are a part of who i am and they make me fill funny and filled with positive energy for a hole day because my room is my universe, the result of my own creation! I wish you all have a place at your home that can make you feel like this. It is never to late to be who you want to be and crate your own world in a little corner of the house with BeddingInn Home Decoration Ideas for the increatives one!And if you lack of inspiration, don't get mad, just go and visit some home decor stores for new ideas!

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  1. such beautiful decor
    happy weekend