vineri, 19 septembrie 2014

Beautiful mother dresses

We all like weddings! The dresses, the sweet ceremony and the beautiful bride, the gifts and the rest of the night party are the best part of the events like this one. The weddings are very emotional and there comes some times when we, the guests but most the bridesmaids and the brides mother must respect the brides wishes, so if she decides that all the women in her crowd should wear yellow, then they must obey! This is a girls best day and not just for getting married with the man of her dreams, but also because she can shine and get emotional and closer to her mother! I have heard many times that some mothera and brides came to a decision bewaring the wedding dress after several "fights" between these two generations! There are some women that would just love to wear her mothers dress that comes with a great history but i would not do that because i really love modern stuff. Also both my mother and mother in law like to wear mothers clothes and get something that they really like.I like visiting online stores for fashion ideas and today i must reveal you the newest discover i made for that the choissing of the mother of the bride dresses 2014 pass really fast with no stress and argues:

Aren't they pretty?! Tell no and i won't believe you because i must confess that there are some design from that even I would wear without a problem! They look very precios and gracious, delicate but classy and chic! Not to mention the great price and the good quality materials! The short ones look very sexy so watch out brides cause your mamma might look dangerous! I really love some of this dresses and would really recommend my mom to look out at some of them.The royal blue is such a great tone and strongly recommended for any age. They are just perfect for any elegant party. They will make you shine, look amazing and full of grace like a true queen. Don't forget to look up here for some new models and offers! And also don't hesitate to tell me about your wedding day! How was it?

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