duminică, 21 septembrie 2014

Perfect dress for a perfect bride!

Since I was a little girl i have dreamed on getting married on a beautiful place and having lots of guests to be with me on this special day of my life, but my boyfriend and i had some talks lately about marriage and when should we do it, who we should invite or not, were to star the shopping lists, what to wear and so on, and saying one and other he came up with the idea of getting married on the beach!
I got speechless to be honest with you because i have never thought he was that romantic and would like to have this fairy tale romance, but i really enjoyed listening and imagining how would it be to have the reception and the ceremony on a lonely beach only with a few participants...
Frankly, i like it and not. Why? Well, i love the sea, the sand and the beach, but wearing a wedding dress and high hills on the beach? Big no-no, but did I think that my wonderful lover thought at that too? Of course not..It looks like he is full of surprises lately, because he showed me some beach wedding dresses so that everything can be on the run as soon as possible.

I tell you that i have never expected him to be this close to fashion! I mean, do you see how beautiful this dresses are? I can;t even decide which one i like more because he says i would look gorgeus in any of them (yeah right!) but i can't say how impressed i am! Here really managed to find some beautiful designs that fit my style perfectly. On my wedding day i want to look like a greek ancient goddess, gracefull, elegant, glamorous... I think the long and slim fit ones are my best hit so i want to make the right choice so i will not make a moment decision, i will look carefully and pick what i want.
Don't forget to check out the latest news on the site and also in your favourite stores so you can keep in touch with everything. I am sure that as same as i am, want to look deadly gorgeous on your wedding day so my advice for you is to stay calm, look as long as it takes at everything you need and listen to your mother's advice and friends. Don't transform yourself in a bridezilla!
Have a lovely shopping day sweeties here on TbDress! Kisses!

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