joi, 16 octombrie 2014

Coloured wedding dresses for all the brides!

It's all about the details! e shiny beadings, the funky coloured ornaments, the brightness and the materials...
Wait, what? The bride should wear just white? Well of course not! I'm like more to the modern models rather that classic ones. I can't day that the simple A-lines dresses are ugly, but they just don't fit me the best, as well as the white doesn't gives me a very nice ske me look pale and kind of sick so after many looks, i have considered to give it a try to the coloured and beaded dresses, with a little bit of pop up coloured embelishments maybe and also pink wedding dresses. Yep, they might look like some prom dresses, but i think they will make such an great apparition and the weeding goun wouldn't continue being so boring... So, in order to decide, i have thought to share with you my findings to make my mind and find out which one is the best choice for the big day:

One word: amazing! They look the best, an d i have to tell you that i have even found out that they fit not just my style, but also my ceremony local as well because it keeps up with the theme that e and my fiance have chosen! I mean, the second dress would make an great choice for the entire wedding will have some turqoaise details and they would be a perfect match right? The other ones are just my favourites! I know they are a little bit too much maybe for you, but i find them very impressive and also perfect for brides that want to be out of the conventional like me. Here you can find some of this suggestions so that you can buy them at a great price because only on you will get the best deals ever! I just invite you to this new category that is new and has great designs for all of you! Kisses!

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  1. the dresses are just gorgeous
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  2. Eu raman la modelul clasic...alb sau ivory :)