miercuri, 22 octombrie 2014

Dresses for beautifull moms!

Well, there are many times in our lives when nothing goes as we expected... We get dismissed from our job, we don't have money to pay the rent, our friends leave us, or even worse, you get pregnant! I know, this is not a tragedy, but if you are a carrer woman that is not ready yet to make a family, this might delay all your plans, but of course this hasn't has to be that bad.. I mean, today we have lots of opportunities and options, and i mean you can always hire a nany to stay with your baby when you are at work or just leave it sometimes with yout parents right?! I just loved when my mom and dad gave me to my granpa's in the weekends because they would make all my whises come true! They would always give me chocolate, new toys and walk me to the parks to meet my friends! Also they were very kind and never yell at me when i came home with some bad grades, but those were times that i would never forget and surely miss...
But as good the times look for the kinds, the worse they look for the youg couple! Now that the kids appeared in their lives, they must prepair for the weedding! I mean, many of them, don't get married but some of them decide that maybe the appearence of a baby in their lives, means they have to chill out, give life a new sense and get a fresh start togheter as newly weds! So, in this case, even with a big belly you want to look like a princess right? And don't worry about the rumours because you can still look deadly gorgeous with this models and designs that i have chosen for you:

I guess every one of this maternity wedding dresses from http://www.tbdress.com/Cheap-Maternity-Wedding-Dresses-3573/ (just click it!) would look amazing on your body! I made sure to chose one design for every shape and size, and also went througt all the items to present you the best of them! I love the flowy materials, the delicate lace, the ancient greek goddess one, and the princess design also for not making you forget that even that you carry a baby with you, the wedding dress shouldn't be a second decision or something you wear just to hide your pregnancy! Your body is changing but in a beautiful way so don't forget to dress up with something comfy but in the same time chic and fab!
Kisses for all of you my dear!

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