marți, 14 octombrie 2014

Little fashion princess!

I never thought autumn could be so warm! It really surprised me to get outside and feel ok with dresses and can't be happier to share with you some news about the shopping sessions i've been doing lately and also some new descoveries i made! It's all about dresses this time of the year! If in the summer we can show the fluid chiffon ones, now it it the moment to make some changes and dress properly for all kind of events we have to attend to so please pay attention to the rules of the designers and also the fabrics! Nowadays, many of us make the mistake of wearing floral prints when outside it is clearly the sunny days are gone or maybe not the same as in august. It is wise to choose some dresses that are mode maybe of brocard or full materials that will make you feel warm on windy days or rainy ones. If you forget your umbrella that is fine, but you always need to look fabulous so don't forget to shine! Also don't forget about the parties and your little princess as well! Many couples decide to marry in this golden autumn and i got to say that they are really lucky to do it know when the leaves make such a pretty view with the autumn style! But that means we have got to choose something that will still remember us that even if the warm days are gone, we have to make the parties even better! The Flower Girl Dresses to help us to make the wise decision for our little kids that will play such a huge roll in someones wedding! they must carry the flowers, the rings, the vows maybe and they must look amazing and precios to fit the event! Here are some suggestions for you:

Aren't they adorable? Imagine only the little girls being so fashion and pretty and your heart will instantly melt down! They will look like little princesses and you will feel very proud of it! I mean, every little girl shoud have a dress like this right? I always wanted one when i was just a kid but there were times when the designs didn't make me very produs, so now with all this choices will be really hard to pick only just one for my girl!
I wish i had them all! But don't forget sweeties to check the lattest news daily for inspiration and great ideas!
Wish u a lovely day!

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