miercuri, 29 octombrie 2014

The Shoespie challenge!

So, ready for the nasty autumn weather or not? Well if not, don't worry because i'm not either!
I mean, lately i've been having some bad luck and not to mention lack of time so my shopping sessions were only online this time, but most of my packages are even  now on their way so in a way or another, i am not even 10% ready to confrunt the bad rain and windy days and mornings. I can't say that i don't have nothing at all because that would be a lie... During the summer, i have somehow managed to purchase some really good jackets to keep me warm but sudenly i have realized that they aren't that thick for those unbeareble cold days. And that just about the clothes, but the boots chapter is even worse! My persona; "stock" is reduced to only one pair! How did i get in this situasion? Well..that is a very long story and not a pretty one because a month ago, while i was at my classes, someone decided to "borrow" my shoes and go away with them (i mean, they stole them) so i had to wait for my friends to give me something to walk home and since then, i only buyed a pair of new sneakers and that is all. So, in order to remake my shoe closet, i have decided to take a good look at some new pairs from www.shoespie.com the heaven of shoe lovers and here's what i got for you:

I bet you love them all right? But as you may guess, these are not all of it! You can find some more items not just for the next coming winter but also for the great Valentine's Day party and dinner right here http://www.shoespie.com/promotion/valentines-day-sales-37/ and if this isn't a great inspirational page i think you know nothing at all about fashion! Not to be rude, but when it comes to special occassions, you've got to make some compromises and shine! You can choose many things to make you look gorgeous, bubly and lovely, but without a pair of shoes nothing is great. So if you do wanna impress your friends and boyfriend, stand up to the glam and sparkle down the red carpet like a diva in some really stylish and fashion ankle boots and pump like this ones:

I've got to be hones with you: i'm in love with all this pairs! They look just amazing and can't wait for them to complete my looks! I guess i will have one for every new outfit and that is not bad at all right? Girls do need a bigger closet and outnumbers pairs of shows. It is all about the glitz and fashion so my sweeties, don't forget to bring in your life the shoes that can change your life in an instant!
I wish all of you a very lovely and calm shopping session ladies! Don't hesitate to click here  http://www.shoespie.com/shoesbox/Ladies-Denim-Hign-Heels-Boots/  for some fresh news!

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