miercuri, 29 octombrie 2014

Tidestore for your shopping wishlist!

The week was such a great week! I mean, the weather was sort of ok, not cold but not warm, something in the middle so that i could wear without any problem my new boots and cool jackets purchased recently from my favourite sites, but then i realized that with all this struggles to be a smart shopper, lately i have made not only good choices in matter of fashion but also made the courage to extend my shopping area. So, in order to be a little various in my choices i have came up with the idea of pursuing the newsletters that i keep receiving and start the plans for the next cool events of the year that are coming!
Christmas in near as we know, and not to forget about Halloween and also The Black Friday as well! All of this special days are just a great deal for us because all our favourite shops will try to impress us with nice deals, discounts and coupon codes so that all of us can complete their look in a flash! I am very impressed to be honest by the variety of items that have appeared lately in the online stores! There were times when i could only look at some dresses and few shoes, but now all those shops mantain their status and give us not only a big number of items, but also free shipping (yeah, the best part!).I really love those ones which give me not only very good products, but also the security that they are taking care of me and my orders.
So, today here are the top highlists products and shop that i like to follow nearly:

Great jacket right? Perfect for this autumn. Nice colour and warm material and you can find it here

This one looks rather stylish and sophisticated right?! I love the blue touch and i would wear it everyday if it were by me! It is great for so many occassions! http://www.tidestore.com/product/Sophisticated-Korean-Autumn-Clothing-Slim-Large-Size-Pu-Leather-Jacket-10752738.html

And let's not forget about the long coats for windy and cold days! I find this one very beautiful and especially elegant.

Of course that this ones are just a few of those many things that i would love to shop! I just imagined that if i don't stop making all this snapshots i will not stop from making a big wishlist and that's really not so great for my wallet! I mean, soon it will be winter and all i got this month is a few jackets but none of this warm coats so yes, later i will try to make sure i don't forget about them but until then, don't forget to visit this link http://www.tidestore.com/Korean-Clothing-Free-Shipping/  for more great shopping ideas and as well this one http://www.tidestore.com/h/Black-Friday-4/ for some great deals!

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