joi, 6 noiembrie 2014

Find you perfect pair of shoes!

Hello ladies! How are you today? I guess you are all very happy because the cold days are gone for a little bit and the sun keeps on waming us up! I have to tell you that i thought that i will never see again not even a little sunray into the grey sky so soon but that's so much luck on us right? We can go to the park, take long photoshoots with our friends, make long shopping sessions and also wear our dresses that we hidden in the closet lately with some new ankle boots! I am a fan of boots and this might be the only things that make my autumn and winter look prettier than they are. There is nothing mode beautiful that a pair of stylish stilleto boots that fit your slim dress and your classy fur coat right? And you don't have to wera them only with skirts and dresses but also with a pair of jeans and chic motorbike jacket or a black leather one! Those are some fantastic looks that will make your friends die with envy! So, in order to help you find the best boots for this season, i might have checked (again!) my favourite online sites to build up a wishlist filled with big desires that whoknows... will be acomplished by Cristhmas! And here are the ones that i liked the most:

As you can see, i have only chosen those ones that are elegant and fabulous! I guess every girl should have one pair of these to make their entrance at the parties and shine all night. The high heels will make your body look amazing and you will always fell confident and gorgeous wearing them! It's like a secret power they have to mess up with men's mind when you're wearing them. You became like a magnet and pull over all the eyes and that's gonna mean something and worth their stare ain't i saying it right?
So, don;t forget lovellies that if u need something new or just wanna find the best shoes for your long walks just check here on to check out the latest news!

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