luni, 10 noiembrie 2014

Lace dream!

I have often heard my friends that they love going out searching for their wedding dress with the mother of their future husband and aunts, cousins and always cpunt on their opinion. I was like, but why dears? DO you really need someone to tell you what to choose? I mean, yes, your mother in law has a big word in what you want to buy, but i guess this is not something to sacrifice. At my wedding I want to wear and look exactly as i want! I like to get a second opinion but those whom tell me that they would prefer a thing when they know i don;t like... they dissapoint me a lot and really gets my nerves! So, in order to be settled for this big shopping day, i have pulled out some string and managed to chase some online shops to give myself a break and a beautiful time staring at some gorgeous cheap lace wedding dresses from dressv that i found last week when i was just browsing around for cute things for brides. You can browse for more here:

The lace ones.., they are my favourite! When i was just a little girl, i dreamed about wearing a wedding dress that will be like made for a princess, but then i realised that the princess type doesn't fits me well, so i tried some that actually never crossed my mind and those with lace got the vote! I mean, the lace in gorgeous... it can be used for any body shape, it is elegant, vintage but also modern, delicate and strong at the same time, magical and eternal. Is something that will never get out of trend and on top of that, will make a brides dream come true in a blink of an eye! I have showed you above those designs that made me stop and stare and hope that you will like them too and find your right dress soon enought and easy on DressV that gives you not a simple shopping day, but the time of your life! Kisses!

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