miercuri, 19 noiembrie 2014

Special prom dresses

Even thought i have many deadlines on my mind and agenda, i have tried to make all this things work and manage to pull out all the best of me to keep on track with everything and so on! I am not a quiter and not even a crybaby! I will try my best and present you the most beautiful and well structured articles!
Perhapts you are wondering Does she takes any breaks? Well yeah, sometimes but obviously i spend my time on the internet making wishlits (my favourite part of the day) while drinking my chocolate milk, placing orders on ebay and finding the best deals for Christmas and not only! Yesterday, i have heared that there are some Cheap Prom Dresses that i need to see as soon as possible, because as i have told you many times before, I am in my master year! Yep, soon I will be a graduate and ready for a new start and a promissing carrer as well and hope for the best! But this kind of makes me feel weird you know... i feel half prepaired for all of this, and i am still wondering when i will be able to go out and look for the right dress if i'm always stuck in my desk like this? So, ready or not, i'm not giving it up at all and look forward for some inspiring and beautiful dresses online. I found this designs that i want to present you today for you here http://www.msdress.co.uk/

What do you think about all the models from above? I have chosen only those dresses with the empire design because they fit the best all  kind of shape and look great at almost any kind of occasion! In my opinion, they are simple and versatile, the tops are very pretty, filled up with sparkly beadings and sequins for a dash of glam and the fluid skirt make a perfect match togheter! As the colours, i still can;t pronounce myself and i guess you guess why right? There are many combinations that can be worn and i was thinking that a long dress would be fitted for special events and a short one for the daily activities, so i need two of them! But for now i think this might be all. For the short ones i am preparing another article because i couldn't decide which one to choose and there will be a great deal as well for those ones not only for Black Friday but for all season! So ladies, get ready for a new shopping session that will last all November!

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