joi, 13 noiembrie 2014

Tidestore online store for pretty ladies!

There has been happening something weird with me lately... I have made some strange purchases to be honest with you! I've added as many dresses as i could on my shopping bag, but now that i thing, don't i have to many of the now and to few autumn/winter clothes? What was i thinking now that the cold has made his way here to our city and the wind is even stronger that before... And lets not forget about the rain and those days with grey sky! They depress me a lot so, in order to bring up the sun in my heart, i've pulled up some strings and repaired my mistakes with some online shopping with items that come in bright strong colours that will make my days look happier and energic as well! Look what i've been doing lately: online wishlists for you and for me from Tidestore so that the winter finds us with great clothes and cool outfits!

Well, these models that i present you are just a few of those i really love because if i'd had to present you all of them then i'll be in a big trouble soon and you know what i mean! I want this autumn to wear both ankle boots and highheels because o girls deserves to  look fabulous no matter what.

And i found on the store this winter coats to match well the shoes from above. As you can see, they are different styles so that when you want to look stylish and elegant, you can go for a red hooded coat, and for those days of lazyness and extreme cold, the warm jackest, with modern designs and great colours that fit almost every style you want to have.

And as you already know, there is no good outfit without it's accesories, so ladies, don't forget about your bags! There are a bunch of types of bags you can choose from and i'm sure you won't stop and buy just one, so go dear here to shop some more:

I hope you like all that i have recommended for you dears! I know that this isn't easy especially in this time of the year but i think that we deserve being spoilt and why not trying to make some good purchases now? I think that there is always a good time for shopping, right?!

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  1. great stuff for winters, the boots are so cool
    Keep in touch

  2. primele ghetute mi-au ajuns si mie .. am ales varianta negru si sunt super cute. :) urmeaza o postare si cu ele. :D puup!