duminică, 7 decembrie 2014

Great Ericdress sales!

As you arleady know, the start up for the Christmas Sales had begun from the the first day of Decembrie, or that's what I've noticed if you'd ask me. I have tried all this time to keep my calm and try to not spent all my money on thinghs that really worth the buy so I have started my search with some of my favourites online sites. There is for example EricDress which has cheap ankle boots on sale that are definatelly a must have this season! This cute boots are perfect for winter! They work out well with dresses and also pants.

These browned-bow boots are a cuttie! i love the suede and the low heel. They make me feel secure on ice and keep me warm on the windy and icy days. They look perfect with a skinny pair of jeans or maybe with a simple black dress. Casual style fits me the best and this pair definattely is my fav!

As you can imagine, the ankle boots are in tend right now. Their popularity grow faster as it's style is very versatile and catches up with the rest of the fashion design of the clothes. Simple, easy to wear and really nice with that lovely back bow!

Violet velvet? Oh yes! They look amazing right? I mean, they are just incredibly beautiful and need no other accessories while wearing them, The front bow is definatelly a girlie and feminine touch that will give you a sweet touch for your entire outfit. Good to wear with simple clothes for a pop of colour in your life!

I guess this pair doesn't need any introduction! They look deadly gorgeous and must be in the closet of every woman in the world! I know that for some of us walking on high heels seems like something strange and not really our thing, but you don't even imagine how can a piar like this change all your life, not to mention you body! You know what can the heels push-up some parts so I'll say no more ladies!

All of us shopaholics need all of these, right? We have gained our funds with working so now we can spent the on these beautiful shoes that we can find in Winter Boots on Sale on Ericdress at great prices made for your own wallet safety! Don't forget lovelies to watch out the sales on Ericdress and pursue them for great deals! You can make some great present for Christmas with them and the women that you love will definatelly fall for them in a second! Kisses dears!

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