duminică, 7 decembrie 2014

Ice Queen!

Even thought the winter has come, many couples still want to make their wedding althought is the summer it would seem that everything would go better. In the winter in my opinion, you struggle with cold and big snow and i don't think that is perfect for your wedding day but then I realized that a month ago one of my best friends since kindergarden told me she wanted to do her wedding in the winter season because she wanted a winter fairytale. She attented a wedding like this when she was little and she felt in love with the all in white decors and the bride that looked like the Winter Queen. I guess that it all looks very magical and indeed, a special occasion to make beautiful and unforgettable pictures but then I was thinking, how will the bride endure all that cold in a very sleek wedding dress? And then it hit me: of course she would wear some beautiful wedding jackets to keep her warm and complete the royal look with some models like this ones that I found on TBDress while trying to help my friend with some online sores that i love and give you all the accessories you need for a perfect wedding.

They look quite amazing, don't they? It's like they have been made for an Ice Queen and with some of this, our beautiful bride will surely look amazing while their warmth keep you out of the cold! The fur jacket not only gives you a very elegant touch, but they look also expensive and vintage so i can say that they are perfect! They cover up your shoulders while making a perfect match with your white dress. These jackets are the elements not to be ignored when is winter or when the weather givea you the worst. If you want to find some more wedding jackets for mother of the bride just go here www.tbdress.com/Cheap-Wedding-Jackets-5591/ and don't forget to check out the latest news. There are plenty of new items and promotions, and materials that you will love!

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