vineri, 12 decembrie 2014

The perfect dress for New Years Eve

I love this time of the year! Everything is magical, filled with love and peace, and bright colours to match them to your vibrant soul! I have finally started the Christmas preparations because I have been in such a delay lately with my work so I tryed to make it out throught the busy days at work and make some time for me! I can't believe that it is almost half December and I haven't got any dress for the New Years Eve party!
I got to admit that this is the first time I've been leaving this for the last and really got into panic while hearing my friends at work saying that they have already bought not only the outfit, but also the shoes and other things to complete their look while I've got nothig prepaired! So meanwhile I was doing my job, I made some quick searches on the internet and found out that designer evening dresses in 2015 will have almost the same designs and fabrics as those ones that I already saw on many beautiful online sites for women.
And because I couldn't bear the presure, I have chosen some items that I really love and guess that they would be perfect for this special ocassion. The amazing red long evening dresses are the best of them all and I got to say that the red colour is a really daring shade don't you think? And here they are, the top 5 dresses that I have to choose from:

Shine bright like a diamond says the song but today you've got to burn like a fire! In any of these stunning dresses I would love to have the world to my feet and walk on sunshine! They are just amanzing and really can't decide which one is perfect for me because they are all beautiful.. As you can see, I have chosen some simple designs with which you can wear a shiny necklace or diamond earings for a dash of sparkle, and some that already have something to compensate the lack of accessories. I love them but if these were the only ones that I likedthat would be great, but not! I found many other 2015 Evening Dresses Online in one of my favourite site for women clothing right here and this is bad i tell ya! I going throught some really bad times not gor my little bugdet, but for lack of ideas so I guess this red dress that I have been saving money for is a real jewel and would bring me the elegance and sparkle that I want. I wish you could all find the dress of your dreams in a blink of on eye sweeties! I know how hard it is to make a decision so yes, I am going to give you the time you need to search it and help you with some other ideas if you need them! Until then, I wish u all a great weekend! Bye!

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