duminică, 25 ianuarie 2015

My choice is Tidestore

It's been a while since I haven't told you about my latest purchases and wishlist, right? In January I decided to be a bit tempered and try not to fall again for the latest news in fashion. Why would I do that? Because as you may guess, there are some trends and also items that make all women around the globe go crazy about it when they first come out of the production line, and as you may imagine, the price is not that friendly! Yes, the costs are big if you try to get it from the beginning so I have made myself a promise to be more and more calm and stop making the shopping happen so quickly for trying my best to save the money for when all the trendy produsct in the top fashion world come in hands of all online stores and become available to all of us and with some beautiful discounts. I have also found that there are many online magazines that not only give great promotions and discount codes to it's customers, but also give products that are from the latest fashion trends and at a great price, so yep, that is a great deal for me if you ask! For example, I have been dying for having some dresses that come with a golden belt and at the time, they where nowhere to be found but today, www.tidestore.com has opened it's doors for all of them! I think I just felt in love with this store!

Are't they pretty? i think that for the up coming summer they will be just perfect! Not only the fabric is good and flowy, but the vibrant colours and color blocking style is just amazing! If it were by me, it would already be August and start all the late night parties and cocktails for being umpatient and need to wear this beautiful dresses as soon as possible. And as you can imagine, I have for you some links for help! I know that in this time of the year the discounts are big and almost no time for shopping sessions on your mall so here you go http://www.tidestore.com/Wholesale-Maxi-Dresses-100037/ for some new ideas for summer outfits. And for those of you whom need some ideas for the prom parties that are nearly here, just go browsing this link http://www.tidestore.com/Wholesale-Prom-Shoes-101114/ where I am more than sure you will find the best of them all! And some more great new for you girls! Tidestore is not only a simple online store, but also the shopping heaven we've dreamed about all this time! Don't hesitate to check out the latest news here  http://www.tidestore.com/Wholesale-Sexy-Dresses-100574/ and fint the best items for your perfect dates in 2015 days that are and must continue being just fabulous! Kisses!

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