joi, 19 martie 2015

Go find the dress of your dreams!

Hello ladies! how have you been lately? I hope everything went well for you and the spring came into your town because here at my place the sun is shinning so bright and I love it! This kind of weather makes me feel great and in a mood for some shopping. Online shopping to be precise, because I don't have so much time to spend in stores, so I prefer making wishlists and then look for the best deals on the internet because it is comfortable and also easy to shop online. I know it sounds crazy, but I just realized that I have more that 30 dresses and 15 skirts and I have no reasonable excuses for that... Yes, I am a crazy shopaholic but I don't really care! What really frightened me thought?  Lately I have seen that in my closet lots of new clothes for spring time have arrived but nothing for special ocassions, like weddings, birthdays or proms. That is not so good because next month I have a big cocktail party waiting for me. I am afraid that I won't have enough time to run to the store to find something to fit me, so as fast as I can, I'm trying to catch the best chiffon evening gown discounts. 
I must find something elegant, but not very pretentious. Modern but still classy, to fit the party style that I am attending. I find some of these dresses suitable for me:

 The turqoise colour is very bright and goes perfectly in the summer. Bodycon style is very popular.

You can never fail with a simple long black dress, with a corset filled up with little sparkling diamond like stars on a night sky. Love it and really a great dress!

The long empire A-line dress is a must for every women. It covers up your generous curvey while the pop-up purple tone catches up the curious eyes.

A simple white dress is perfect for those ladies that are not that into excentric things, or too much accessories. The style is appropiate for any kind of special occassion you might have. You can personalize it with a red pair of shoes and a bright red lipstick and that's it! Simple but glamorous!

I can't actually decide between short dresses, or long mermaid prom dress for my night. I do like both styles so I am in a difficult situation to be precise. I find long dresses very stylish, that can make an impressions, but the short ones are easy to wear and chic. Should I buy one of each kind? The price is great and the fabrics are of thein best quality. I think that in the end, the best for me would be to find something between blue prom dresses  because the colour is perfect for my skin tone (and also because I am blonde and is a perfect match!) and something short for a daily use. You know that you can't wear the same dress because everyone will know and it's not such a great feeling. In my opinion, there are not such things as too may dresses in out closet, s ladies, don't hesitate and take whatever you may need to look fabulous. What I have presented you today, are just a few of those which I chose for me. You can find many other different dresses styles at a click distance! Searc your perfect dress here online at!

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  1. the dresses are gorgeous
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  2. Prima are o culoare frumoasa, dar imi place ultima ca model.