luni, 9 martie 2015

Hair extensions for a perfect hair day!

Oh, I miss my old long hair! I've been hearing this a lot from my friends from school, telling that they kind of regret cutting their hair. I know that we as women need changes and love having lots of new haircuts but when we actually do it we don't have regrets and be really enthusiastic about it but after a certain days we do miss our old style. Why does that happen? Well, mostly because we are comfortable and used to having easy to brush hair, always ready for a messy bum and things like that. But when it comes to a new haircut, firts you've got to accomodate with the new look and if yu are not pleased with the result or you have made a bad decision and feel like crying for your long hair, wel, that's were my help comes! You girls are lucky that I am always on search for news and latest fashion trends, so there is nothing new in what I am going to tell you today: wear with confidence human hair extensions for looks like no other! I am pretty sure you haven't thought of using some of these fashion secrets to regain your beauty. The clip in hair extension are the best for you girls! If you ever dreamed for habing the smoothest and finest long blond or dark bown hair like a Disney princess, well these human clip in hair extensions are the ones that will give you a great transformation that no one will observe unless you tell your secret ;)

Having a bad hair day or need some more thickness for that magazine look you've seen yesterday in the papers? Or just fragile hair and not enough lenght for stylish breads and sensational hair up do's to make like your favourite guru youtube tutorial? Don't worry, just stay calm and aply carefully your extensions! They will give you volume, wavy curls or perfect curls, bold colour or ombre splits... all you need for a perfect look. They are very easy to mantain and wash and strong to your high curling iron temperature.But what I like the most, is that hair extensions now are made from human natural hair and don;t look synthetic, the colour being a perfect match to your natural hair tone. How cool is that?
Not to forget that the hair extensions come now with many other types of clip so that they won't make you feel unconfortable while wearing or brushing them, also not to be seen during the day.

From dark brown to light blonde.. A variety to make you feel beautiful and change your hair style anytime you want or just complete your look if you are not in love with your curent hair situation. I recommend them to any of you especially to those whome have thick hair or medical problems that won't let you grow a long hair. They can help you change everytime you want something special and new and all your friends will be amazed by the beautiful new style you'll have while the girls will envy the hair perfection :)

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  1. extensions are so useful, i have been on natural hair and it has always been of use to me
    thanks for sharing dear
    happy women s day.