sâmbătă, 21 martie 2015

This is what I dream of: dress to impress!

I need a new dress today! My cousin's 18'th birthday is coming soon, and here in our country as you may know already, teenagers celebrate their anniversary by throwing a big party were anyone can come! The party is select and almost everyone must respect the dress code my cousin wants, but as nice as it sounds, the bad it looks for me! I have plenty of cute dresses, nothing is as elegant as it needs for this special night. She wants something white or some nude touches, nothig that sparkles so much, so that she can be in the center of the attention by wearing something nobody has at the party. Well, it is really hard to decide what to buy because in my town there are very poor choices so internet and online shopping is the best option for a quick purchase, a good dress and a perfect night dance with the crowd. Here's what I really loved and selected while browsing around for cheap evening gowns at tbdress and also suggest you to buy women cheap evening dresses for saving time and money!

As you can see, I have made my decision and stopped only at those dresses that fit the code: nude and pastels. There are different types of dresses such as empire or A-line that are very common these days not to mention very popular among the designer types, but then there are the asymetric dresses that give the wow effect to your look especially if you've been hiding behind long pants or skirts lately. Let's not forget of course, about the mermaid dress that is just my favourite of all times. The last one is perfect! Fluid and silky chiffon, delicate ageless lace... A combination prepared to amaze! You've got to have it!
I decided to go for something nude, with not so many sparkles because somethimes simple is better! The best for me would be to choose discount formal evening dresses and so should you if you are on a budget or simply want to make some enonomies for the summer. I recommend you to start the running for the dress you've been dreaming of as soon as possible so that you get lucky and find the best prices from all over the internet. Kisses ladies!

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