marți, 28 aprilie 2015

New evening party dresses coming out!

What a girl wants, what a girl needs... Well, as the song used to say, women need lots and lots of things, but to be precise, what we actually want is to have one big closet filled up with outnumbered coloured and 2015 popular evening dresses recommend from! Am I right or not? Oh, I still can not decide if I either like long style dresses suitable for evening party or short ones! Maybe I should make a combination between these two different lenghts to se what might come up to! As a matter of fact, this isn't such a bad ideea because I have seen some beautiful asymetric dresses that would perfectly acomplish my requirements and desires and for sure, make a great impression wherever I would be going!

This is mostly what I had on my mind when thinking! The short part is modern, revealing beautiful long legs and waist, while the long skirt made out of chiffon slides gently over the base! I can imagine how beautiful it must be when the model walks because the dress is showing in a very sexy way your chic style but also the elegance while keeping the mistery! Not to forget about the electric blue, a major trend!

Oh my lace! This sexy mermaid dress is breathless! Who would ever think you could make such a creative design with see-throught part for the legs? I find this the masterpiece! The dress of all dresses! Who ever would wear it, she will for sure be a queen sparkling in the night!

If you wear this dress you could actually say you are walking the catwalk like a diva! Oh, how could you not be falling in love with it when it is perfect?! The corset is delicate, sexy and ell made, showing your cleavage and waist, white the mermaid part gives the illusion of long legs and sophisticated style. Love all the beadings and sequins! They make the dress look precious!

The bandage style combined with the classic dress look makes a great combo. I like the color block theme and believe it or not, this is not the only type of colour mix available! You can choose anything you want :)

Last but not least, the sun-yellow dress! The colour is not really my type but I've got to say that it really impressed me! Rather simple than complicated, this dress is mostly what I was thinking of, but of course, I would love to see it with a short part beneath like the blue and green one above do have, but I don't mind that much. I just love that is pretty but not to extravagant, simple but not too cheap looking and lace made!

A lot of great choises to make this year! I wish I could have them all in my closet! Order it tonight and find them tomorrow in the front of my door but that ain't gonna happen that fast, so until then, hope you enjoyed my post and find something usefull! Kisses!

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  1. super duper pretty dresses, loved the lace ones
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