miercuri, 20 mai 2015

Pick the look that you want!

Believe it or not, summer is already here and your graduation prom even closer than it looks! I know that many of you girls are still caught up with your final examns and work up so I will try today to be as quick as I can and give some great examples of cheap ball dresses to make your decision easier.
The most popular dresses these days are long ones. Why? Because they are elegant and comfortable but also change your looks! Here are the top designs for you:


Here the little white dress! There is nothing as beautiful as pure white chiffon combined with elegang and majestic lace from the top corset. A lovely design that fits all kind of evening due to it's sweetness and fluidity. 

When in doubt, wear something coloured! Oh, this neon green shade is amazing.
It expresses youth, happiness! And look at those rhinestones on the corset and the cleevage. They look amazing and for sure makes a great combination for a ball gown dress for all ages.

The light laguna blue is calming but bright. It is perfect for blonde women with blue eyes but of course you can wear it if you are brown haired or red. You just have to not forget to feel good while wearing it and show up with some sparkling jewelry.

The pale pastel pink is amazing.  The bandage type corset it is an interesting choice and not to mention bold! It can show up a very promicing cleveage and thin silhouette so you definitelly have got to try it if you love wearing sexy dresses for a perfect evening party.

You can never be mistaken when picking up a royal bule shade and lightchiffon skirt with rich embelished top. There's definitely something royal in this dress so yes, go for it now!

You can find all these amazing dresses and many other designs on Pickedlooks the newest online shop for perfect women dresses. It is pe perfect place to search for your dress. You will be pleased to find through thousands and thousands of designs the look that will make you look ravishing.
Lots and lots of delicate fabrics, well made to fit your style and transform your wishes into the most beautiful dress you ever had or seen. Go and pick up your favourites!

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