joi, 20 august 2015

Early Fall Boots from DressVe online!

It is only one month of summer ahead, and this is not something we expected, right? The rain hasn't stopped pouring since yesterday and watching the weather chanel, I have realised that even thought it is rather early, we can already say Goodbye to our beloved summer, and start welcoming autumn season, that more than sure, it's in a rush! Well, considering that the temperatures had gone way too low to be wearing dresses and slippers, I told myself that is time for a change and prepair ourselves for cold rainy days up coming next. The idea of reating an early fall wishlist is not bad so let's go girls! I have my attention now especially on cheap thigh high boots and some coats but shoes come first today! In this article, I will show you items you can find online on DressVe! 

There was a period in my life when in the cold season I only wanted to wear black and grey tones but then, as I grew up and payed some more attention to fashion, I have realised that I need some colour in m life, so, I've come up with this great boots with red wine shades and dark blue, or brown and emerald green to give a funky but chic touch to my outfits. You can as well find something to ensure you're style is aesome and in trend but in my opinion, you should browse around DressVe before going shopping on malls and stores in your local town because they have prepared some plus size thigh high boots as well at prices you can make no compromise! The long to the knee or above boots are adequate to wear in the transition season from autumn to winter because they can be worn with short dresses or thighs with no prints. I usually go for coloured shoes an keep my clothing items simple and I guess this kind of brown and dark shades of colour are the best for cold days. Find them all online and even more other designs right now at discount!

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