marți, 11 august 2015

How to customize your car with stickers

I hear all my friends that they are going this autumn for full changes! Not only in their personal lifes, but also in their homes and other stuff, because they feel that it is time for a new beggining and I might need that too! Soon I am going to start a new college year and of course, that means I am going to move to another apartment because the last one was awful, and moving up clearly implies getting a new car! I can no longer go by bus because the station is way too far from home so the easy way is to drive right where I want. Actualy, that is the plan for my autumn: to buy a car that I can use at my free will and personalize! Yes dears, I've always dreamed of having a pale pink or violet car, such as my room but my dear beloved won't allow me to make that to his car, so I am going to buy something small, girlie-like and put on it some cool car stickers that are awesome! If you haven't heared of it, I will present it to you know, as they are the latest trends in customizing vehicles :)

As you can see, there are various types of 3D car stickers you could choose from! There are for animal lovers stickers with kittens and puppies, for the ones that prefer a full customization, some stickers that cover mostly of you car consisting in seasons prints or patterns, and for guys, we have different styles like smoke, chains and fire prints in 3D that are more than awesome and cool! Also, they are cheap and very easy to wash, and have a very durable lifetime. When you are no longer pleased with the colour or the sticker has lost it's intensity, you can change it anytime! I can't wait to look for some flower prints for my car as soon as I paint it in pink. I love the way the cars look like this. They have a bit of personality and they are fuuny and chic :) I recommend this place to buy lots of products

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