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2016 Wedding Dresses Collections

Fashion trends are always prepared for the next season up coming with more that half a year before they make it to the catwalks. The big demand of new designs and constant batle for new ideas, great combinations of fabrics and accessories, has made the fashion industry become no.1 when it comes to top listed preferences for people all around the world. In this post, I want to show you some of the newest models and wedding dresses from Cocomelody, one online shop with dresses for all kind of fashion lovers and wedding accessories. Cocomelody has always been one of the most trusted company for online shopping and now the new designs are available for sale! You aleady know that this is not my first time presenting you this website, so if you are asking me what is it about it, well, then I will for sure tell you that the seriousness and readiness is what has kept me continuing to recommend this online shop for wedding events and women fashion trends. Today, the new fashion designs for 2016 wedding dresses have been already posted so you can go and browse around the pages of the store for the latest collections, suc as Lily White Collection and Grace Luxury, but not to forget to mention the Custom Wedding Dresses Section for women that have already in mind a type of dress and need a tailor to make it.

So, after seeing this video, I hope you got a little peack from how the photoshooting goes at CocoMelody, how all the crew makes it all togheter for the customers to have a great experience buting and trying clothing items of great quality.

I could have guessed that delicate and lace embroidery will be the season's star, so this is why I have chosen the dresses above to be used as an inspiration for women all around the globe that find it difficult to make up their minds. The fresh and modern look, is something to be wanted at your wedding day. I am not saying that dresses filled up with rhinestones and other details are not ok, but in 2016, top designers are betting on dresses that complements the body as such as the features of the bride. It is very important to know that short dresses are no longer considered innapropiate for wedding and they have been transformed in such way that they can be worn even after the wedding, at a lovely party. The beach wedding dresses are also very popular among the preferences of ladies because they have this special glamour that makes you look young and stilish but at the same time very confident, strong and elegant. There are so many things to talk about the wedding dresses that have made it this season, that one post will not be enough for me to make it say it all. But I will try my best in the mean while to give you great advices and online stores recommendations for you to shop and have a great experience while tryng your best to find the dress you have always dreamed! Please do not forget to click the latest collections from CocoMelody and also the new arrivals, and the greatest sale campaign for Black Friday, where we can find low prices and free shipping! Hurry up! 

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