duminică, 6 decembrie 2015

Sposamore dress for your wedding day!

Once I've said YES, I knew exactly what to do nest: search for the right wedding dress,. The rest of it, were just only details, but finding the dress that I've always dreamed about was my purpose. It was really not that hard to find it, because, as you already know, I am not very pretencious. I love simple cloting items and go especialy for the classic designs and no embelishments, but what I do want, is a dress that is special, different from the others.

 I don't know if I've told you, but last summer I've been to Italy. It was a short trip that me and my boyfriend decided to take to discover new things and see som of our friends that went to study in Rome. It is a very beautiful country and we've decided to go there for our honey moon, because Venice is a lovely place to celebrate and take after wedding photos. You know that trash the dress is a very exciting and funny activity for couples that couldn't take profesional pictures because at the weeding ther eis no time for such things, so, wearing the wedding dress for a second time would be amazing, especialy in some place like this, filled up with magic and great history. Anyway, coming back to our main subject, while we were walking down the streets of Battipaglia, we've encountered this amazing store that has very beautiful and various wedding dresses. For the moment, I'haven't been in the mood for trying out wedding gowns, but when I've seen the excitement in my fiance's eyes, I got emotional and made it in, to browse around. 

But then, there it was, the perfect dress I dreamed since I was a little girls! And at a very low price! Well, I would call that a great luck! So I've tried it on, and fell in love with it and so did my future husband that said only that there will not ever be a bride as beautiful as I was wearing that dress. And what do I need to say more? I mean, yes, those were incredible sweet words coming from him, but the dresses were responsable for everything! The dress I wanted the most, it is amazing! I find it very beautiful, and I really need you to give your opinion on it! At Sposamore there are a lot of other styles you could pick from, and enjoy the worldwide freeshipping services! Sposamore is located in Battipaglia (SA) Italy, via mocharmont 6, 84091 and is one of the few stores that have also an online website you could purchase from wedding dresses from excellent quality fabrics, to special occasion dresses and accessories to complete your look. 

These laced dresses are my favourites because for me, lace is very special. I have chosen a dress with lace insertions, and I just love it! It was very easy to buy it and came in no very long time. I got very pleased with the services provided and my friends also could find some dresses to wear at my wedding. If you need further informations or need to find what other benefits you can take advantage from Sposamore, you can go to the online shop and search the cheap wedding dresses special section for your budget!

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  1. I got married in May of this year. My wife's dress was made by her mother. We were going to get one from David's Bridal but she insisted. She had the skills and she did a good job with it.