marți, 1 decembrie 2015

Top Dress Trends for Mothers of the Brides

Hello everyone! I hope you had a great weekend my dears, because mine was lovely! I just got my invitation for my bestfriends wedding for next year, and I am very excited about it! I can not believe how time passes so fast, and gets allmy friends into serious business! I was wondering when is my girl going to settle down and start a family, and it looks like the right time has come (or guy?). Anyway, since she's been very frustrated with fashion industry lately, I've come up with the ideea of looking togheter on the internet for the latest news in wedding apparel, but not only for her, also for the bridesmaids dresses and the mother of the bride outfit. I still remember those girlie shopping days when we were trying different things and fool around in stores, but this time, I think she doesn't need my help anymore because she knows how her wedding dress would have to look. But the, for the mother, there is a big problem... only if she is not listening to my fashion advices!

Her mother is not the type of woman that would have only dresses in her closet, in fact, she only has 2 and she wears them like over and over again. I guess she is more of a tomboy and this is how she got used to, but for this event, there must be a dress she's got to wear, and surely here's what we've been looking for! Nothing fancy, just simple dresses to complement the body, with no embelishments. She loves bright colours so in what concerns the shades, there will be no problem, because I've encountered here some very exquisite dresses! Elegant, with the finest fabrics and simple details like broches and belts, that are just enough to make an appearence more than ordinary.

The great royal blue, the red whine tone or violet, these are just a few of those amazing colour tones you could use to make an outfit based on simplicity and style. The one piece dresses are in trend and there can be used as an accessorie, a nice laced jacket to cover up your shoulders for the church ceremony. There are a lot of designs a woman could choose from! At BeFormal , a bride to be will find the dress of her dreams faster than she would ever imagine, and no to mention the rest of the details that are already done by the time you would have done all the things! Also your brides and mother in law can search with you the outfits they need, of course, while respecting the wedding theme and the brides desires! First of all, if you want order, then you, as a bride to be, must be very strict and make your bridemaids aware of the deadlines and rules they must follow. Not to mention to say to your mother and mother in law not to get to emotional and ruin your entrance or make up while helping dressing up for the ceremony. Make them stay fit for the event and choose the dresses they like the most, because at the end of the day, having a good day and lovely after wedding pictures is all that matters! And at the end of the article, I would like to show two dresses I've fallen for badly! Hope you will love them too and find great inspiration for your wedding day to use it! Kisses!

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  1. Beautiful selection :-) I love second dress in burgundy color :-)

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