luni, 4 ianuarie 2016

Welcome the new year with style!

Hello dears! I know it is early, and we don't wanna go to work, but still, winter vacation is over, and that means there will be no more further time for shopping with our besties and coffee breaks. I hope you all had a great and magical new years eve! Also, I am more than sure that you pretty girls, have made it in time for the party and worn the most gorgeous dress you've ever had! You know there is a saying: what are you doing in the night between years, you will be doing it all the time in the next one. And the same I might say about fashion. What you wear in the that special night, will define yourself and make a statement for further outfits. I do believe that once you've got the perfect look and adored the way they complement your body, then that is how you should dress all the time. If you love stylish dresses and chic clothing items, then make sure that in 2016, your closet is filled up with quality products and versatile ones. For example, there are certain designs that will never grow old and can be easy transformed from one outfit to another. The main piece is essencial to be as simple as it can be but at the same time, modern and adaptable. In order to help you, I have made a short list of beautiful and affordable dresses you can buy, and store them in your closet for a long time. 

 I have started with some long dresses that you can take for sure at anytime of the day at also at different occassions. The bodycon style has made a come back and it is a very popular and bold choice for anyone. They are still some of the most unique and special dresses a girl can have in her closet. You can never know where you are going to be invited and this is why some of this dresses are a must have!

Second on the list for today, are the office style dresses. Well ladies, since we've all got to go to work now, there are some things to be attended imediately! And no, I am not talking about work duties! I am speaking about the-no-style and is-that-a-dress-or-what kind of work you need to do asap! I know many of you don't have the time or luxury to wear a stylish office dress, but sincerely, you should! Why get so ugly in the same outfit and unniform for years and years? 

Would you not like to be as beautiful as you are and complemented by all your co-workers? Like, wow, what has she done to look that fabulous? Is that the same girl I used to work with or a new one? Stop hiding yourself in those nasty pants and shirts that are colorless and not so chic, and do the change! I have picked up some dresses that are different styles. The bodycon type is usualy very practical for office outfits. You can choose from a big variety of colors and styles, such as simple one, or brigh patterns. Those with accessories like belts or ruffles on the waist, mark very well your body and are a elegant but still casual type. I hope you can find the dress you like very easy today, because at FashionMia, you are introduced into a world of fashion completely amazing that will change your style in a second! Find the best choice for you and take benefits from the online discounts available at the time being and take care! Kisses!

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