miercuri, 18 mai 2016

The New Cocomelody Designer Dresses are here!

I remember that when I was a little girls, dreaming about the perfect wedding day and gown, was something very popular among girls and teens whom loved precious details and lovely dresses. I, of course, just as others, was madly in love with the fashion runaways and hoped that one day, my dream of wearing the dress that I will be designing for my wedding, would be come true. Well, we can say that in a way or another, this actually happened. I have never before thought that a designer dress could be something hard to accomplish! The schetch is easy to make, but to actualy transform it in a real dress, you have got to make lots of changes depending on the designers advice. Fortunately, in my case, I have left any thought of being caught in all this hard work, and made an online order for my wedding dress, from CocoMelody, the website that has always provided me with the most beautiful and inovative designs in what matters wedding apparel.

If you are also interested in their sales campaing, products and shipping rates, then there is nothing else to do than pay them a visit on their website! I am very fond of them, because it is very easy to navigate online on thei online shop, and the pictures are amazing! Every product has his own special link where you cand find all the details about the fabric, measurements, shipping cost and changes you can do if needed. It comes also with very low pricing for those women who may not have a very high budget for a wedding dress and other accessories, still, making the look gorgeous. But what I like the most is the part that involves designer wedding dresses you can browse if you are especialy interested in a gown from a particulary studio or fashion designer. Here are some oxamples of top designers you can choose from - Ida Torez, Grace Luxury, White Lily, LB Studio etc.

In 2016, the brides will be thriled to hear that the fashions news are all about simplicity and variety, If you want to wear at your wedding ceremony more than one outfit, you can do it! Nowadays, there are no more etiquestes and you can choose from a larfe number of styles to fit your own personality. So, if you are searching for short wedding dresses for the arrival or the reception, opt for those that keep the theme and have fun playing with the lenghts, textures and shapes! At Cocomelody, you can find any kind of wedding dress youțre looking for, and even more! The designer dresses ar something to be looking for as well! They are for sure unique, special and nothing you have seen before in common store. Find your wedding dress online at Cocomelody, your favourite online store!

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