miercuri, 17 august 2016

Stylewe.com - the style we believe in!

Hello guys! Today I want to remind you about one of my favourite online store specialised on women apparell, that is going to save your wardrobe from that crazy malfunction you've been dealing with. I know, you won't admit it that easy that you need some help and a new style, because neither did I the last time! I was so crazy about fitting the designers patterns, that I was not really paying attention to what my body was saying, so I made this huge mistake by wearing clothes that did not fit me, nor my personal taste. My advice is not to do that again ever, and neither should you! It is very important to wear stylish clothes and feel good with them. It is almost impossible not to make a mistake once in a while, but still, may those times be far far away froms us! The summer of 2016 is near to an end, but there is still plenty of time to take pleasure in online shopping and great days with amazing fashion dresses!

And now, ladies, let's start a new fresh adventure and discover the top fashion items for 2016 summer days! It is a known fact that summer, is a time of joy, happiness and colour, but in my opinion, it doesn't all have to be that coloured and bubbly! We can be elegant and chic, by wearing all white looks, right? White is a great non-colour option, that is really good in the summer dresses, because if you are tanned, then you will glow! White helps you enlight your skin tone, so it is a good choice for seaside time. The white dresses are made out of fluid materials, with not so many embroideries, because it leaves space for the golden and other strong coloured accessories like statement jewelry to be added, for a colour splash. But definately, the white dresses are pure, and very elegant for summer time. Here are some of my favourites from www.stylewe.com that remind me of the modern greek dress, just that this time, some of them are short and midi, not long. Also, i am going to show you some that come in pale colours, just perfect for breezy days at the beach.



As I've said before, the fact that all of them are white completely, allows us to put on some other accessories, bags, sunglasses with coloured frames, a red lipstick, or maybe some metallic or sandals with a bold colour that will put the outfit cross the bounderies.  I like the most that these items, are so diaphanous, like made out of silk and soft tulle, that is just amazing! The dresses are so fine and delicate, that sometimes, I eel like I'm wearing almost nothing, and others that make me believe I'm a true gree goddess dressed in the most beautiul modern age apparel. I love how easy the white dresses can be combined to swtich from one style to another just with a few basic elements. I believe that they will be forever a huge summer hit, and hope that in the near future you will wear them too! You can find other amazing dresses designer made, only at Stylewe, an website I recently discovered, but made me fall in love fastly with the ggreat variety o fashion products for women. If you do not believe me, just go online and see it for yourselves! Have a great summed dears and don't forget to connect with Stylewe for more fashion related news:

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