joi, 22 septembrie 2016

Do you play bubble football?

I asked the other days some of my friends, how do they manage to go to works, keep a clean home, take care of kinds and still be so very energetic? I got to say that I find myself in a very bad state (do not worry, it is not something as bad as it sounds...) of tiredness, that stops me from doing all the things I promised to acomplish this year. There are days when all I feel I'm doing is just work and sleep, then again work  and again and again the same circle... I can't imagine just how stressful and tedious, but then, they tell me that having kids is the best thing ever happened to them, even thought they have little time for themselves.

Then I asked what about vacation? Do they go togheter or what? Some of them, told me that being at a full time job, going out from the office for more that 3 days is just out of word, so they send their kinds to these amazing summer camps to have fun and learn new things, and invest in products that they can use in their home, to feel like vacation on an expensive pool area. My nephew returned the other week from camp, and all day kept on talking about just how great it was to experience the inflatable area the camp had in the lake, for all ages! It was some sort of a competition, where all they had to do is work it throught the amazing inflatable bouncers and slides, and then swim/or jump (for those who do not know how to swim) on bouncers, to the finish lime. The camp teachers always were by their sides and talked about interesting things. He was so impressed by those inflatables, that he join the camp personal team to learn more about the website they use for purchase of so many things like bubbles for football, jumpers, and other inflatables for their themed competitions on water for kinds and adults. After that, my brother and sister in law, told me that after a long talk with their son and friends, decided to achieve some inflatable items for their pool from . My brother always dreamed on going to some tv show where they had this kind of competition on water using different obstacles. It looks like now it is a great chance for him to try out some of this dream in his pool area!

I can't wait to try them out on the water! They look so good and yeah, we've been fooling around with them in the backyard after the kids went to schol! We payed for hours soccer and bounced on each other and it was so much fun! It may look like child products, but who cares? They are super amazing and a great chance to do some sports in the back of your house! You can join us and buy your own inflatable items that I found this one online at a cheap price and free shipping rates! Me and my friends, are just very happy to find this amazing inflatable bubbles available online. we are now going to make some changes and buy some to try out the bubble soccer in the field!

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  1. this must be so much fun
    keep in touch

    1. It is inded! Hope you try it as well!
      Have a good day dear! :)