joi, 22 septembrie 2016

Join us to the inflatable zone!

Hello there, dear friends? How are you today? Hope to find you in a good mood, because I am not, and this is particulary caused by the rainy days that kkep on coming! I love autumn, I love the sweater weather and the golden bed of leaves, but the continously rain drops are killing me! For real, I can't stand this wet situation that is going on out side! I do hope that it will improve the following days, if not, then I will take care of this situation asap! 

I have made a promise to go to the beach this summer, but I couldn't get any vacation until now. It may seem a little unfortunate to go to a trip far away from my cozy and warm home, but I have planned this vacation with my frinds all summer season, so I am going to take advantage of this last remaining summer days, that are still warm and sunny in the place we are going. I am not telling you where we are gonna take long sunbaths and drink coconut cocktails after doing water sports, because you are definately going to be jealous, but I can talk with you about something that caught our attention when buyinf our tickets! The location is just amazing, but rather than that, it has an amazing inflatable zone where you can practice sports in those funny and gigantic inflatable balls! I know many of you saw these kind of things, and wished to try them out! Well, now we can and I will tell you how it was. It is also a big relief to discover that the hotel where we are staying, also has for the children of the customers, a special area or playground (call it as you want), where they can try the same activity and fun with their frinds! There are inflatable castles, jumper bouncers, slides and many other inflatable loopy ball they can use for bubble soccer! Ain't that a great oportunity for both kinds and parents to enjoy time together in a funny and energy-consuming way?

This summer that ends, will be just perfect! I will enjoy every moment of summer time, and not think about the cold days awaiting me back home. Playing with the newest water roller tube will be a great experience, and we can not wait for these days to come! If you think these kind of activities are interesting and fun, then you should join the inflatable zone for more awesome experiences next season, or maybe, buy some inflatable bouncers and loopy balls to try them out in your backyard with your family. I wish you a nice week and hope to hear only good thing when I get back from my last vacation for 2016 summer! Kisses!

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