marți, 27 septembrie 2016

New women apparel on sale

Don'n know how it happened, but this month really looked like the time for good surprises! This September was magical for me, because it was my birthday, and I got to see lots of friends, made a lot of online shopping and also got a new job! I always wanted to work in a fashion staore and my dream came true! And because now I am going to work at a fashion store, my look must be at a change. I was told to try to be as fashionable as I can, so I started looking for new designs for dresses and tops. It was such a pleasure to discover this new online store called Girlmerry  because I had the chance to purchase some amazing long dresses! They are all bright coloured and also have bold prints, so let's forget about boring outfits and try out the latest arrivals! What I love the most of this website is that they offer various kinds of women apparels. I have hardly seen design to look like some on other similar stores, and that is a great news right? It has not only items for every day wear, but also cheap clubwear products, for those nights in the club with my besties! The website is new for me and I am sure that for you too, but if it is not, tell me what products have you purchased, which one are your favourites and how come I found out about it so late? So, here is how my cart looks like! It actualy got even bigger because the prices for some wholesale dresses were at discounts, so yeah, I kind of exagerated a little, but the, I stoppend and added just those cheap sexy dresses I knew I would wear for sure in so many pretty combinations! Hope you like these items as much as I do and do not hesitate to tell me how you find them all! I will not wear them all at work, because some are too much draped and off-showing, but overall, they are amazing for a cocktail event and summer parties!

I love the long ones with flower prints! I find them versatile and perfect for summer time. But I also believe that wearing a PU leather jacket will totaly make a good outfit for autumn nights when the wind gets chilly. The dresses need no more accessories as you can see, because they come with intense colours and patterns, so why add something more? My advice is to wear these dresses just as they are, with no more addings. Have a great day lovelies and hope you will find the dresses you are looking for! Take care and go shop online on Girlmerry, the newest online shop with low prices for women clothing!

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  1. Amazing dresses Dear:)
    Have a nice day!:)

  2. Those dresses are so beautiful :")

    Margareta Vania

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