joi, 6 octombrie 2016

Mark your beauty with Markchic fashion jewelry!

I don't speak to much on my blog about jewelry. I guess this is because I do not usualy wear pieces of jewelry that are not made of gold or silver, but I do have some statement necklaces that I love, and are made of other materiales that are unexpensive, and you can find them online too! I have purchased lots of accessories throught internet these days and also in the past. When I was younger, my mother always said to me: a women's power, stays in her appeareces, so my dear little girl, make sure when you grow up, only to wear jewelry that will make you eel strong, beautiful, and reveal the strong temper you have. It is now a lesson to me to buy only rings and earings that match, and have fine and elegant cuts of the stone. I like to look up for many online accessories, but there are only a few that finish going in my purchase cart, and eventualy, in the jewelry box I kep on my boudoir. I use them mostly on my daily outfits, and others that are fine and transcende a certain emotion, I use as gifts for my dearest friends that are huge fans of new style jewelry, so I want to show you guys some examples of necklaces that are actualy pretty nice and deserve to be in my jewelry box. Most of them are the same, with little charms, sparkly jems and rhinestones. I love these details are are subtle but yet very fabulous, that go very well with white shirts. A piece of fancy jewelry can change your outfit like magic! This new website I want to presen you today is new (even for me) and I do believe that is it going to be the perfect place for you dears, to buy great jewelry pieces at affordable prices, to offer to your friends, of even try them out for yourselves! If you do not know, Markchic, is a very popular website for jewelry lovers, and here is why I love this online shop the most!

1. The great variety of jewelry is enormous! You can fint lots of types,for almost any kind of fashion style, so that is a great deal for us! If you like princess like pieces, of rockstar accessories, they are all here waiting for you! Maybe you want a new ring, a bracelet of just a piece of earings that are very rafined and not so sparkling? Well, there you have it!

2. Free and fast shipping to you hometown! I know that many of you don't have the time and the credit for fast shipping rates other websites promote, but this time, you are welcomed to find that Markchic offers the greatest shipping services with 0 payment!

3. The easy navigation and well designed website. I love when online stores are organised. The Markchic store is a very good example of one brilliant and chic online store! The pictures of the products are amazing, very inspiring, and eye-catching! The columns and easy lines, make your staying very comfortable and much more easy to reach for the elements you like! Every piece of jewelry is it found on it's special cathegory, so you can never forget where to look for them again!

4. And last but not least, the hot sales, special offers and gift section for those who find themselves in a hurry to find something special for their loved ones! 

And now, let me show you some necklaces I would love to wear these last summer days! I love charms, and wear them on my bracelets anytime I have the chance to change my outfit! 

The rectangular type of gems, were a huge trend on Instagram and Wehearit the last summer season and I finally get it why! They are incredible looking! The rectangular shape (like crystal gems), the bright colours/mixes of shades, the variety of charms dangling from the finest necklace, is what makes this kind of accessory look special and perfect for any type of daily outfit! It will definately change your whole look for the day, am I right! In the summer, they are even better! The shapes are various, such as the lenghts and charms designs, for new combinations! So yes, you can choose from different types of charms or statement necklaces when you want, to make your fashion style pop-up!
You can find even more interesting and fabulous accessories from Jewelry Accessories Online shop, so don't hesitate to enter the website and add to your cart everything you like! You can find not only rings, bracelets and necklaces, but as well cheap Lover Rings of for your love story to be completed with luxurious wedding rings! I bet you did not expected that, from a cheap and free shipping website, but that is my surprise for you guys! Also, you can get a coupon for 15% if you only sign up to the website! You can use the 15% for your purchases to become cheaper! If you liked today's post, don't forget to comment, and share the post through your socialmedias dears!

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