duminică, 2 octombrie 2016

New StyleWe clothing items for college time!

With the beginning of October, a new college season has just begun. I remember how excited I was the previous years when I was a college student, and sometimes I do miss those crazy days! I had the time of my life and made lots of friends, plans, dreams and changes in my life. I never thought I would be so melancholic when remembering about those days, but since my little brother is in his freshman year, I can't spot thinking how much I would like to go back to my campus and reach my old friends for a late night party! But hey, thise were great nights that will stay in my thoughts forever! Today I just want to show you some new clothing items from StyleWe you might want to try for new college outfits! I won't believe that you would wear the same old clothes forever and ever, right? It is time for a change! Do a make over, take chances and transform yourself! Be a better version of yourself and begin by picking up new clothes and accessories as these following:

If you are a more conservative person, the simple patterns and elegant blouses, are a good ideea. You can add simple jewelry for a little sparkle. Next, wear pencil skirts, elegant topcoats , a fancy pair of shoes, and don't forget about an exquisite perfume to make yourself remebered anywhere you go! Nude tones, classical lines/designs, elegant cuts and earthly colours are a big try out this fall season!

The always forever-happy persons can opt for so many different styles to choose from as well! If you are not afraid of wearing brigh colours and crazy combinations, then these fashion items are what you need! The eclectic style is rather new and it is a combination off differebt elements. It is embraces by teenagers and fashion lovers, for being a very permissive and unique form of fashion statement.

And last but not least, here are some pieces of clothing that are very good for you girls, whom do not want to experiment new things, but just some new addings to your wardrobe to complete your daily outfits. Some basic items that are a must in every women's closet!

Hope you have enjoyed my post dears, and next, we will talk about other pieces of fashion jewelry that are this season's must have! Have a great day and let's talk about how would you dress up to a new college day! For more informations and designs, go here https://www.stylewe.com/category/dresses-59

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