joi, 17 noiembrie 2016

Great shoes and new designs for winter season from FSJShoes!

The last days, the first snow of the winter season has fallen down. It was such a magical day! Even thought it was freezing outside and a true blizzard in the middle of November (that is strange, right?), I got my jacket on, my boots, my boyfriend, and went out for a walk with a hot chocolate with dark cherry flavour to keep me warm. It was such a great walk, and my boots that I just bought online matched in a great way my new cots for days like those, but now, standing inside in my cozy bed, I can't not be thinking about the last days of the year. I have not yet made plans for the New Year's Eve, but I am more that sure that in the last minute something will come up, and I am so not rady for that! The New Year's Eve party has always gathered togheter friends and people of all kinds, and since I will not be staying at home, I will obviously need something new to wear. There is also a saying that when on that night, you must wear something new, something red, something old and the list can go on forever, since in every part of the world the customs are different. I am very concerned that I will not be as pretty as the other to be frankly. Is it not familiar to me this feeling, but I am experiencing some changes in my life and I do not know if they are good or not. My personal fashion style has changed a lot since long time ago, but there are still many friends that haven't yet seen me, so I am really agitated about first seeing their reaction in public. Of course, I will go for a classical black or red slim dress with a slight lace details, but what about the shoes? I was never such a huge fan for high heels, so this is going to be a very daring occasion for me... But for one night I guess I can compromise, right? I want to show you girls some pretty shoes I've got in mind to complete my look:

When in doubt, wear red! That's what my mother always said to me when she would see me getting nervous about my outfit! As usual, she was right, because red is the best colour anyone could choose to make an impression. The red shoes or red pumps kind of remind me of the Dorothy shoes from The Wizzard of Oz movies, so that means we can work out some magic out of nowhere if it must, right girls? 

Moving on to the next part, here are some truly amazing and shiny sandals that are going to look fabulous on what ever dress we'd pick! The first pair is definately my favourite, since they look exactly like the wedding shoes I want to wear at my wedding. They've got a little bit of new, a little bit of old, and everything is between and I love them! They look just perfect for not only a wedding gowns, but also for a modern vintage outfit, for a night dance in the club and many other elegant high heels looks that will shine with a pair of sandals like those!

Last, but not least, for those girls who like comfortable but chic footwear (like me), here are some pretty cool boots that will work just great with a simple dress for the party between the years. They will keep warm and a cool look and I like them so much because they are low heels! There are even more interesting designs online to look up for, but today these are the top models I needed you to look to, because they are great to wear for the same outfit! A well done pair of ankle boots can change your look entirely, but let's hope that will only be for the best! The new wesite I found these designs is called FSJShoes and they have full shoes customization service for online clients. The lenght can vary from 6 so 12 cm heels but it really doesn't matter the size, but only the quality of the final product they serve you. I hope you have enjoyed today's post and hope you will find the right pair for you to wear at your's New Year's Eve party :) Have a great day darlings!

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