miercuri, 23 noiembrie 2016

How did I become a heavy reader?

Hey, guys! I am not so good at making book or movies reviews, but it's been quite a while since I've started to enjoy reading books! I wasn't such a great reader before. Not ever in school and college did I emjoyed this kind of activity. Actualy, I thought of reading as a very boring task, and rather play on my computer for hours than holding a book in my hands. In the summer of 2015, I finaly got to read a book on my own initiative. I was going home to my parents, traveling by train, and I got really bored! I just didn't knew what to do for 3 hours, so I asked my friend to send me on email a book or something easy to read while traveling. What I love the most of my friends is that she never judged me for not reading. And I never said a rhing to her about how much she reads and spends on books. We've always known we are different and yet accepted it. Maybe this is why we became good friends in such a short time.

But anyway, not asking what would I preffer, she sent me the first volume of the Shatter Me trilogy to try out. I was not expecting much of it, but oh, this book... it was the first time in my life I've fallen in love with reading! In 3 hours I almost got finished the volume, and when the train stopped in my city, I was like Can't I stay a little longer to finish the last chapter? I just couldn't wait to go home to read the ending of the book! I was surprised to liking so much a YoungAdult book ( as I woud have learned later after a brief introduction in the genre by my friend), and got really excited about this! The book qas just perfect! Tahereh Mafi's writing compelled me from the first page. And I've got to say that I've never read a books with such dedication as that one! It is the one book that got me into heavy reading! Aftee finishing the last chapter, I gave the thumbs up to my friend and the thanks for giving to me such a beautiful book.

The next week I remember I got stuck on the Internet looking for the rest of the volumes in the series, and after having them (they arrived the same day I turned 24), I locked up myself in my room ( I am born in September, so my birthday is usualy held at home, because it is heavy raining and windy in my area in this particular season), and finished them. It took me two days and a half to go through the second and the third book (plus the novelas), and after that, I knew I will never see the reading process and the books the same as I did before. Actualy, right after, I went online to give the books a score and lots of interesting book suggestion got to me in the newsfeed. Now I am addicted to reading, and a huge fan of Young Adult and Fantasy genres! I have impressed my parents with this new hobby, and I am very glad that I gave a chance to a book! I hope I'll get to you back soon with a lot of book review here on my blog, because there are so many that deserve ar least a sentence ro be said about! I am still not such a good book reviewer but in time I hope I will master this activity because I will try my best to make various book reviews and tags on my blog for you. And that guys, was the moment I became a reader. I would love to hear your story so don't forget to write in the comment section about your first reading that got you into this hobby, and also the book responsable for that!

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