miercuri, 9 noiembrie 2016

The two piece dress trend

The last day, there were 22 Celsius Degrees outside! In the middle on the autumn, the weather seems to give us surprises like this, and after that, to torn our plans and pour out the coldest rain we can ever experience! I took advantage of the weather yesterday, and went for a long walk in the park, with my bestie, a hot frappucino and a nice autumn dress. It was such a beautiful day, and now that it is raining like this, and I can't believe just how indecisive the weather can be! The layer of golden leaves is no longer there, while being replaced by the rain into a blanket of something slippery and ugly. I can now forget about those autumn dresses I was going to wear with my long pair of boots, a coloured pair of stockings and a nice and warn trenchcoat. Now the umbrella is the main accessory to every outfit, and the rain boots as well! But while I was preparing this morning to go to work, I was telling myself that a little rain won't stop me from being chic! I can mix some crazy ideas for outfits that will work just great for days like days, but first, I must find some dresses that will blow everyone's minds! The following are just some examples of combos we can make for a cheerful autumn season! My favourite is the first one, with the grey laced top and emerald green medium lenght skirt! But the next ones are also very nice, and I like them for the simplicity of the look, and the cold season shades, like grey, green, black, burgundy, dark blue and so on. 

The two piece dresses are very good for combining different elements into creating fabulous new outfits! The black, the red, the grey and other bold colours specific for the autumn season, are perfect for making some new and vibrating colour blocking style outfits, that will be great for both office and meetings with friends. The two pieces dresses are the best when it comes to modern and glamorous looks! There are more two piece dresses that I really like but you know, I am on a budget and I can't afford myself looking for so many outfits, because I will have a big issues with my savings if I do not stop on time! Not that I would actually regret that... I got to admit that the clothes I have found on Stylewe are very different from what I am used to see today on any other website. They do know how to impress and make every woman feel like a lady! I recommend to you this online store because it is very popular, it has very cheap prices, lots of fashion items, and unique pieces of clothings! Follow Stylewe here:

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