joi, 24 noiembrie 2016

Wear your backpack with style!

In the summer of 2016, the backpacks have made a huge intro into fashion world. Anywhere you would look, you would see backpacks and handbags in strong colours, patterns and prints, and they are still a huge trend these days. I have always loved wearing a backpack rather that a bag,. They are very chic and girlie, not to mention very comfortable at shopping and with a big storege! Oh yeah, us women love a bag that is big and will carry with no problems all our stuff, but it is often uncomfortable and heavy, and the backpack is a great solution! They can be both a handback, a crossover type or a backpack of course! I love the ones with pastel tones and little stunts and flower applications.They are so cute and feminine! Look at my favourites:

For autumn and winter, the colours for your accessories like bags and backpacks should be a shade darker than usual to fit better your wardrobe and the season as well. I love the dark wine red, the royal blue even thought is a bit too bright, and the warm chocolate brown shade. There are a lot where to choose from! With a trenchcoat will look great togheter!Also you can find some small wallet that will pair your bag and backpack perfectly, but for that I am going to suggest you to look on the website because I want you to discover on your own the best products you can shop online from StyleWe. I guess you are all familiar with this website and the high quality products they do. I like this online store very muh because they have items that are very different from those we all see this days on the internet. So hurry up and go online because tomorrow is Black Friday dears! And Cyber Monday is as close as well and the discounts are huge! Let's give it a try, shall we?

I hope you've enjoyed today's post dears! I recommend you wearing backpacks all summer! Strong coloured, patterns or simple ones, it doesn't matter ar long as you like it and pick up the one you like the most! Find them at special prices tomorrow on Stylewe.

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