marți, 17 ianuarie 2017

New 2017 prom dresses!

In a world filled up with cliches, I dare you to be unique! I dare you to wear bold colours, and crazy designs, that will blow everybody's mind! In 2017, the podiums have reached for greatness, so this is the time for a change. I let myself inspired by the top designers dresses from the latest runaway show and from the Golden Globe parade from the red carpet, and I got to say that wow, there were a lot of beautiful simple dresses, that made an entrance! A huge show, with lots of start dazzling with sequined and full rhinestones dresses, but also laced up ones. I know that lots of them (actualy, each one of them!), are pretty expensive and out of our league, but do not dispear my lovely ones! The desings of the dresses are pretty common, these days. The fabric may be different, and some of the shades too, but the tag is the main difference between these dresses and the cheap one we find on shops. But now, the alternatives to the high priced dresses we see on tv, are available all over the internet. Of course, there aew tons of websites, but only a few are to be trusted! When we are talking about prom dresses, then we can not affort to lose any money on cheap fabrics and bad designs. We need the best of them, so pay attention when buying online dresses. My today's pick is OKdress, a new fashion store for women apparel that have amazed lots of customers with their cheap prices and lots of variations of dresses.

 Prom Dress

 Sleeveless Prom dress

 Prom dress

 Split side prom dress

 A-line prom dress

The key to a succesful outfit for the red carpet, is a unique combination between fabrics, patterns and accessories. I advice you to go for two like pieces dresses, because they will feel like being especially done for you. The low line cleavage is very popular and provocative look, but enough for those of you whom might not want to mix up different kinds and parts for a dress. The see-through lace with a nude tone is a popular trends, and so is the mermaid ruffled dress with bright yellow. No matter which one you will choose, I must confess that they will look amazing on you! There are more models and discount evening dresses online right now on the website waiting for you. And now, get ready to shine my dear! Kisses!

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