duminică, 15 ianuarie 2017

The colour of the year on StyleWe fashion store!

It's been a while since I haven't spoken to you about fashion trends and online shopping, right girls? Oh, don't you worry, because I haven't forgoten about this, but to be honest, I haven't seen lately any good prices and discounts, or products that I might've considered a must in the past, but today, as usual, I am back here, to share with you some fashion clothing from StyleWe! Yes, after all this time, this website is still on of my favourites, and I do believe that deserves to be mentioned once again in my post. I will show you some different pieces of clothing such as bikini bottom pieces, skirts or fancy blouses that will be in the new 2017 Pantone colour! Yes, I am talking about Greenery that is such a vivid and intense shade of green, and so that you know, the following products are the top listed for this trend on the website and I thonk you should consider them very well if you want a new clothing line in your closet!

I think this trends it's going to make a great entry these days, and I got to agree with the top designers that are recommending these fashion items for daily use, because they will rock your style! Greenery is a strong and bold colour, and I do know that some of you do not have the courage to try somethhing that is so vibrant, or maybe eclectic, but you should. Why? Simply because those black dresses and casual white tps are out of style! You can make amazing outfits with both modern and vintage style touches with this colour! If you want to read some more news and heads up from the website  straight outta fashion industry and beauty as well, then you should go read Vintage Makeup at StyleWe blog , and until then, look at this gorgeous coat in greenery! Same for the dresses and tops!

So , tell me what do you think! Do you like it or not? I guess this shade is not just for anyone, but hey, this year you must try something new asap! I am definately going for this colour! I love green, and the up coming spring and summer season will need a lot of colour! Until next time, go on just fashion now to reach for the top news online for you my dear! Kisses!

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