duminică, 19 februarie 2017

Be the prom queen!

When you are in college, time happens to run faster than usual, simply because you are surrounded by friends, you have a lot of tasks and classes to attend to, and you are always on a time crisis, but there is one event that will stick with you forever at the end of the college years, and that is the prom night, were all of your classmates gather to celebrate the end of college years. Not the graduation, but the party where you meet all your collegues and share the good and the bad, the memories that you got with throught this all time time, that maybe you should have payed more attention to, because they will never get back to you. But there is still time to make new memories and bond with your friends and start taking pictures together one last time. 

The prom night is one to be remembered, so you've got to give your best and pick up your best outfit. If you don't know what to wear or have no ideea of a theme for the party, then I suggest you to go for a Midnight Summer's Dream theme, because it is not only a lovely one, but it also gives the ladies a bunch of prom dresses designs from where to choose. It is a versatile theme, and the decorations will make your photos look amazing! Concerning the outfits, there are no restrictions! You can wear a gorgeous and slim A-line dress in a beautiful baby blue shade, just like an ancient greek goddess, but with a light modern touch given by your accessories and embelishments that will sparkle and illuminate your dress. A second wise choice would be a mermaid gown, that will brace your body. You can pick a delicate laced dress in simple white, or one with beadings and sequins if you want a little bit of glow added to the outfit. But the most beloved and appropiate dress that will make you look like stepping right out of a fairy tale, would be a lovely princess type dress, in a pastel shade. The see-through chiffon, the silky fabric of the top and the feminine desing is the best choice for a midnight summer themed party. If you want to look ravashing and pay a small amount of money on your gown, then the best you can do is look on the internet for cheap prom dresses, and I for sure have some recommendations to make to you! I know that on Kalanidress are available lots of dresses and accessories to complete your look, so give a look on the website before you go shopping in stores, because you might find the perfect dress at a cheap price online!

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