duminică, 5 februarie 2017

Pastel Shades Dresses

The fashion trends, patterns, colours and accessories designs have already hit the stage for this new year, but, I still believe that the powder pink and baby blue shades are a statement for bridesmaid dresses. I fell in love with the dress with the gold sequined top and bow! It is so delicate yet misterious and revealing. And the casual like ancient greek goddess dress is also a great one. I do like the designs in particulary, because they are simple, and can easily become an elegant night gown from an old bridesmaid dress that you probably wore last year.T he pastel shades are still on trend for dresses even this year, so if you are not in the mood for bright red or other intense colour, go to the safest, and get the light and delicate shades instead. If you want to look for some similar dresses for other occassions, then go online for uk.MillyBridal.org and follow the newest arrivals and discounts that are on for the winter season sales. 

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    About this post, well, i love pastel colours! My favorites! And the dresses are really amazing!


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  3. I love your dress! It looks so cozy.