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5 ways to keep your hair healthy

Since I was a little girl, my mother told me that the thing that will make me look prettier and healthier that the rest of the girls, is a natural and healthy hair. And since then, I have never tried to use but only natural shampoo and conditioner, and had never dyed it. I do like colourful hair and those amazing rainbaw like shades, but for me, my natural shade was simply enough. It was not always easy to mantain my long hair in a good shape, but there are 5 stepts that I alwasy follow and also some tricks that I use that make my hair look nice no matter what. I have a nice hair, straight and I rarely get that frizzy look when it's raining, but that secret I a going to share with you today! Also, I am going to tell you one trick that I use to make a change whenever I feel so! But first, here is what I do to look great and have a disciplinate hair without split ends and white threads.

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1. Use natural or adequate products for haircare
I only use herbal shampoo and conditioner now, but i wasn't always doing it. In high school I had a really hard time finding the right shampoo, and I had very sensitive hair and scalp. One teacher recommended me (yeah, I was very friendly and open with my dearest female teachers) a herbal hair care line, and it was like a revelation! From the first bath I knew my hair loved those products and since that day, I use only those products, only sometimes do I change it, like when I am sleeping at my friend and don't carry my shampoo with me. This shampoo and conditioner aren't that expensive, but they are the best! My hair looks amazing after bath, shiny and clean, and smells pretty!

2. Use heat protection spray
When I want curly hair or some waves, I use my curling iron or the flat one, but no matter what I choose, I always use heat protection! It doesn't really matter which product line I use, because they all have the same result. It is important not to skip this tep if you want a healthy looking hair for a long time, especialy if you are frequently using the hair straighteners! If you do not know which one you like, you can try multiple products before settling for only one. There is no need to use a big amount of products when using heating instrument on your hair! The heat protection has the same effect either you are using a small amount or a whole bottle! Don't get greedy! Just use a normal quantity and don't forget to apply it regularely before straightening or curling!

3. Use one a week a homemade mask
If you have a break in your schedule, or simply want some pampering time, make a homemade mask from your own ingredients you have in the fridge for your hair and skin as well! I usualy apply once a week a homemade mask made of virgin olive oil mixed with a few drops of castol oil and coconut oil, then I add some drops of vitamin E and vitamin A and that's it! A very hidrating and nourishing mix for dried and damaged hair! If you want, you can use honey, avocado oil or any other oil to your mask. Though they look greasy, the masks are easily washed!

4. Trim your split ends
It is important to take care of your aplit ends, because if you don't your hair will look very dry and damaged. Trimming them can help you look healthier and get back that natural glow that you want, but don't cut them that much! Just as much as you need, and do it frequently if you are dyeing your hair! I usualy trim my split ends once in 3 months, and I only take down the precisely area that looks very dry. I keep the same lenth for my hair for years now and everytime I go to the stylist, I get their impressions for my keeping my natural hair in such a good condition for so long.

5. Use wigs for a change
If you are like me, scared of doing a big step in color and shape hair changing, the use a wig to test a new style and hair lenght! Maybe you would think wigs are very difficult to mantain, but it is actualy a very easy thing to do! They can be curled and straightened such as normal hair, and they come in various colours and haircuts. The african american wigs Cocowig has in the online webstore are the best! You can find from golden blonde to dark blak hair shades , and every possible colour you could dream of and still look natural on you, because all of the wigs on the store are made out of the best sinthethis hair available on the market. You can also get a quality guarantee for the product and for each one, detailed instructions for daily use and applying. 

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