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As you already know, I am a huge fan of the little black dress! I have various designs for this type of item and also some golden accessories I like to add to my outfit for a little chic-glam, but the black dress needs no more embelishments because it is from far the best for any type of body shape, occasion and personal style. Here are a few reasons why I thing the little black dress is perfect for your and where you can find some günstige kurze cocktailkleider 2017 online kaufen here http://www.chicmall.de/short-cocktail-dresses-c128748/ and of course, some images of those dresses you should buy and give a chance this season! But for more dresses on low prices and shipping rates just go here http://www.chicmall.de/

1. Goodbye color matching!
When you wear black, you need no more matching with other pieces of your outfit! You can opt for a full black look and look fabulous, for black is considered one of the most elegant shade for dresses and ball gowns. Depending on the moment of the day and the occasion, you can play with designs to look casual, elegant or chic with only one colour!

2. It illuminates your skin!
Black makes all skin types look flawless and bright even though it is a strong and dark shade. Black will never grow old! it is considered to be a neutral colour, that allows a simple match up with other shades. If you want to glow then go for a dress that has a deep and heart shaped cleavage, no sleeves and maybe one cut above the leg for a more misterious and daring look!

3. You can add all the accessories you like!
Black is very popular and works actualy great with some accessories! If you want to look ravishing and need a bit of colour in your life, you can use a fire like red lipstick and a pair of red stilletos and you are done! For some more sparkle add some golden details like bracelest, brooches or necklaces. Black is known to work just great with gold or silver shades. But don't forget about the luxurious vintage pearl necklace from you grand mother that will look amazing with this colour.

4. Black will never show it's real price
I know what it means to be on a constant budget every month and have very few left for shopping! I fell in love more than once with dresses and other fashion clothing while doing a little window shopping with my friends and browing around the internet. Usualy I would get upset because I always looked only at dresses that were way to high priced for my budget, but then I realized that is not the price that makes a dress special, but the fabric and the design. If it not fits you then it doesn't matter if it is a high end products or an average one. Black dresses are usualy modern and versatile. No one will ever guess if you took your little black dress from an outlet or from a top designer store! Black will always be a trustworthy pick for everyone!

5. You can find a multitude of clothing items for your daily black looks!
If you are not such a big fan of bright colours, or simply like the way it complements your skins, black is a wise ideea! From dresses to tops, skirts and pants, to statement jewelry, black is everywhere! Layering is no longer a problem for you! Black will allow you to add different types of fabrics and still look nice on you no matter what! Try different styles and items without fear and wear black with elegance and confidence, because black will always be there for you no matter what!

 ihr ausschnitt luxuriöse perlenbesetzten meerjungfrau flügelärmel gericht zug ca. lange abendkleid

 neue rückenfrei v friesen split - a - line umfasst lange abendkleid

ihre neueste high hals aufgeschlitzt seeleveless bodenlangen abendkleid

sexy einer schulter - 3 / 4-length ärmel spitzen split - lange kleiderordnung

wales, sommer rückenfrei winter tassel bodenlangen kleid fallen appliques v

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