miercuri, 26 aprilie 2017


The ombre hair style is not a recent trend, but despite the time that has past since the first arrival of it, the trend is still very popular and beloved by both young and adult people! If you are not such a huge fan of whole dyeing your hair in the craziest shades, or want to grow a long natural hair but still want some chic hair style to fit the actual trends, the the ombre hair suits you the best! Is not that invasive as the classical dyeing, bcause you can dye the precise lenght of you hair you want! It is ok for both long and short hair, and it is also ok to be added from close to the roots or lower. So you decide how much hair you are going to dye and control the whole situation! Another great thing about the ombre hair style, is the low maintanance the trend requires. While the full hair dyeing must be made periodicaly to mantain a neat and glossy hair, the ombre style is simpler than that! You can dye it at a long period of time, and you can do it at home! The ombre hair style need no proffesional assistance from a hair dresses in a saloon. The ombre hair can be done at home with minimum equipment, and it is very easy to mantain. If you are bold you can opt for an ombre with a bright neon colour that will blow evryone's mind! The neon and galaxy like shades are a huge trend this year! But the pastel hues and grey are also pretty and good for the more temperate ones.

For those in need of a more dramatic change, here comes the fun part! Why dye your hair when you can use ombre hair extension that are far the most useful and affordable for a hair change! The hair extensions in ombre style can be mixed up with all natural hair colours, and matches all others. Also they are very similar to professional dyeing hair from a saloon so if you do wear them, nobody will tell that you wear them! Ombre hair extensions come at a very affordable pricing, and can be found online in various shades and lenghts for long, short or medium hair. There are either clip in hair extensions or micro ring hair extensions so do not worry! You will find everything you need for you modern look! On BestHairStore you will find a big variety of hair products, but the ombre hair extension are the most searched and wanted products off all websites. If you don not know how they look in real life, you can go on their Instagram and other soacial media accounts and see the customers reviews! They use to post photos and rate the products so trust them.

BestHairStore gives a free shipping rate on all orders and there is no minimum purchase! There are tutorials and aditional informations available on the website for the ombre hair extension application and maintanance. The look you will get with ombre hair extension will be fuller, professional look alike and expensive. No more worry about going to your hairdresses and make an appointment for a new dyeing session, because with hair extensions you will need one no more! Stay beautiful my dears! Kisses!

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