joi, 27 aprilie 2017


Deep red dress is supposed to be a very provocative and sensual colour, adorred by women for it's fullness and big visual impact on others. It is in other words, a colour that captivates and makes you stand out of the rest of the crowd. When I was younger, I hesitated before wearing red because I thought it was too daring and strong for my taste. Later thought I reconsidered and tried various shades of red until I found the one that made me feel great wearing it. It is said that there is a red for every woman, and this couldn't be more true! There are lots of shades that awaits to be discovered by ladies! My favourite is deep red, and I like to wear it on my lips, on my dress and the list goes on and on! Deep red dresses are though definitely an item that must be present in every young women's wardrobe and I mean it! Red is a strong color, a brave one, that puts you in a great advantage! I know it is not easy to find the right one but if you look close enough and let your fear of red back, you will find the perfect tone of red that will compliment your skin. I recently got this newsletter in my email from an website which sells fashion clothing for women, but some jewelry, shoes and hair accessories as well. I bet you have already heard about it or ordered from it, but I guess it won't botter you if I show on today's blogpost some deep red dresses examples you can use as inspiration for your future outfits! The deep red dress is a good ideea for casual outfits if the dress is customed in a simple design and without any heavy details. But for a cocktail party or a special event, the deep red dress is fabulous! Add just a statement necklace, maybe a bracelet from the same set of jewerly, and a pair ob black shoes for contrast and you are done! Your red dress will create a passional and bold look and this is all you need! On Rosegal the big variety of dresses ant clothing items for women will allow you to mix up styles until you find what suits you well. Here are just a few deep red dresses that I like and hope you find inspiring for your outfits.

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