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what to wear on a spring formal prom in 2017

As many of you know, in the early spring days, all student from the States celebrate Spring Prom. It is not a very popular occassion on my country, but we often make small gatherings or a party held on a special venue for the graduates to celebrate the spring and the last days before the exams begin. Formal or not, at this kind of events, girls tend to use fashion as a way to make a statement or imposse their style, and since every year the runaways show the latest collections, you may see at the proms, girls trying their best to fit the styles. I am not very fond of the latest trends, but I do like the new arrivals of dresses on www.mubridal.com.au for they are nothing like the dresses you and I have seen already. One of my favourites is the following dress, in the sheer pink pastel shade, with attached embroidery on top, that strongly reminds me of the baroque dresses from the famous Dolce & Gabbana fashion designers.

 Beading Queen. E Spring Split-Front Celebrity Floor-Length Evening Summer Dress

The golden appliques on top are luxurious and that sparkle and vintage touch you need to make your gown look lavish. It is a good combination, because the pale pink works great with the slightly coopery-golden details. It is both bold and delicate at the same time, and a dress that will definately take all the credits. They details thought remind me of the famous dresses from D & G for being exactly the type of dress that will fit in the style for the spring collection with baroque elements from Sicily, that are a source of inspiration for the top designers in Italy. Considering though the high price of the dresses from this brand, many of us follow the trends and recommendation from cheaper online stores, and I thing this is not a thing to blame. With a low budget you can buy cheap vintage formal dresses with great design and price from the website I mentioned before. I am sure that many of you ladies are already browsing online for dresses for the graduation prom or other special event, so if you have liked this dress from today's blogpost, then I recommend you to look up on the website because this is only one of the dresses with the baroque style i have shown to you. I know this year the majestic and luxurious velvet has made a comeback, so do follow my advice and give a look there! 

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