marți, 9 mai 2017


Which bag should I wear this year? Should I go back to the classic black purse or choose something new and extravagant? What if it doesn't match all my clothing items? These are a few questions that pop up in women's mind when new accessories come up in stores. There are a lot of new designs and high prices that make us go like crazy because yes we do like new stuff but with a low salary you can not afford buying so many bags and backpacks, or at least not those that come with a high end label on it. You know that I am not the type that is only for expensive products. I do have some and I do have a preference for some designers, but after I had to change my look like everyday, I had to come up with a better ideea! I invested my money in cheap products that I mostly find online, and there are more than 5 years since I haven't made on a single month at least one smart purchase! Today's blogpost is about a new store I recently purchased from, and it is called Zaful, and I really want to show you some examples of black backpack that are cute and surely the perfect bag you will want to wear this year! For a few days I kept on wondering about the utility of a backpack, and I got multiple answers to my questions about these pretty and little bag accessories for women! I love backpacks since forever! One of y favourite things about them is that they are never getting old! A cute backpack with a simplistic and elegant design will go very well with a casual outfit or something a bit formal. The next thing that I do love is the size! I know, sometimes bigger is better, but this time, the tinniest the better! I bet many of you used to carry around everywhere your big usual bag filled with lots of strange things that only added unwanted weight that later would damage your back. Well, how trying a new backpack and add to it only your necessary things and nothing more? Wouldn't that be great? And last but not least, the pretty and various designs! If you want something different and extravagant, there are a lots of models you can opt for! You can try bright red, pastel hues or color blocking style, but no matter which one you go for, you will always have on you a smart and chic little backpack that will make your look brilliant! I prefere the simple black backpack because if one of the most usual and yet most elegant piece of clothing accessories a woman could have! Here are my top pick from Zaful! Hope you like them and don't forget to share the blogpost if you liked it! Click on each picture to go on the website for more informations. Kisses!

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