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There comes a time when you must leave behind your old life and begin a new one on your own. The first year of college might seem very hard and tiredy, but after a while you get used to this madness and hardworking, and you embrace it because after all, this is how your life is going to be from now on! You will no longer live with your parents in your sweet and confortable room! You will have to face the cruel reality: sharing a dorm with a new collegue! That might be strange at the beggining and maybe hard also because not all dorm roomies get along from the very start. It gets a while to get acustomed with each other but that is an optimistic thought though! Sometimes it happend that roomies don't get along and simply ignore each other until the school year ends. But let's leave that for a different talk, because today I want to share with you a little trick to make your room look comfy and nice! 

I know that even thought you are anxious to get in this new adventure and try new things, the experience of leaving your home is terrible. You will miss your bed, your old pillow, your photos on the walls and everything that is in that room and I get it! I felt the same the first time, but after a few days I told to myself: no, you are stronger than this! It doesn't matter if you live in a dorm with more pleople, what matters is to make that little bedroom as comfortable for you as possible! First advice: trace your limits with your roomie and talk about what chages you can make and whish not. Good, after settling things out, go and repaint the walls as you want the on your side of the room. Then buy some warm and cozy bedding sets and also some fluffy carpet. It already look welcoming right? If you want, you can bring you home desk or any other furniture you need! 

They will allow you to do it so make as you wish! But don't forget to put a pretty vase on it with seasonal flowers for a bright mood! Last but not least, add some colour and personality to your room! Play with colours and textures! Frame some old photos or pictures you like, then add some wall stickers for a new design and voila! A new room even better that your old one to make you feel as home at anytime of the day! Already a new view that makes you feel better and no longer feeling homesick, right? You can also personalise your bathroom did you know that? There are bathroom wall art perfect for a fresh and wonderful time in the bathroom! If you liked my advices and want to look up for some wall stickers and other home accessories I suggest you look on the following images and then go visit the website for more. 

Colorful Butterflies Girl Riding Flower Bike Print Wall Sticker Gorgeous Flowers and Trees Pattern Waterproof 3D Bathroom Wall Murals Colorful Butterflies Girl with Wings Print Wall Sticker Creative Modern Design Vines Flowers Pattern Waterproof 3D Bathroom Wall Murals White and Purple Beautiful Peony Design Waterproof 3D Bathroom Wall Murals Elegant Simple Style Pink Flower Pattern Waterproof 3D Bathroom Wall Murals

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  1. Cute wall decor I like the first three, have a good day


  2. Lovely stickers! Looks wonderful ))